Fan Hero Idea: Hazard

My first forums post! I have no designs so far so this is just a concept. Mostly a bio dogface joke but i kinda liked it. Prolly highly unbalanced. Anything surrounded by ( ) is a variable that is to be decided or changed by the devs.

Hazard: The Ruined
Rear-Line Bio-Chem Support/High Damage Over Time
Morlocks or klg
Marksman rifle: Nemesis
Health Rating: 4/5. Damage Rating: 3/5
Fire Rate: (2) bullets per second
Clip Size: 3. Reload speed: 3 seconds

One of many prisoners tested on by joint KLG/Morlock experiments, drenched in ungodly amounts of both radiation and chemicals. They survived and absorbed enough to the point where it flows freely through their systems. Can be tapped into, but might have some… Side effects.

[Corrosion] Bronze
Spills a bit of his blood on his bullets, dealing (10%) damage to himself but all his bullets heal block for 5 seconds on contact for 5 seconds, and boost his attack (moderately). Lasts until the next reload, and disorients himself for 3 seconds after ability is cast.

[Outbreak] Silver
Genetically creates Plague Nails and feeds it into his clip, giving him 5 more bullets. Nails do (a little) bio damage over time that gets 30% stronger every second for 10 seconds. Lasts until the next reload, and this hero is heal blocked until all bullets are used up.

[Pandemic] Gold
Nails shatter on impact, anyone next to the target gets splashed, dealing (little initial damage) and then inflicting Outbreak for 5 seconds. If a nail is powered up by corrosion, all the debuffs from the original shot also transfer.

[Parasite] Platinum
Heal blocked enemies heal Hazard for all failed healing attempts to them, up to (a certain amount).

Too overpowered? Some of it might not make sense, but hey, Its hero hunters.


REALLY unorganized since i dont know how the text aligns itself, but it was supposed to explain most of its base stats, role, name, element and faction.
EDIT: i also havent been paying attention to the games backstory so his might be wonky.

I personally think the platinum ability is genius. I’ve not seen anything like that in HH and gives heal block an even higher value. If anything I would switch the Gold and the Platinum to make him more viable for lower levels.


Keep the creative juice flowing!

That been said, I personally would like to see you went crazy on initial concept then work backwards :slight_smile: it will give more an identity to your subject.

Hazard shouldn’t be a chimera of ghoul, Phoenix, and Heckler. He is a king in his own might. Let’s dive into your back story a bit and see how we can define him. You made him a brawler and a product of Blackthorn prison, so let’s see how we can expand his skillsets yo reflect his story.

I envisioned a cunning fighter that fights dirty and has nothing to lose.

Bronze. Tied at hip.
Hazard throw a makeshift device later linking his victim’s lifeline to his. 50% of the dmg suffered by Hazard will transfer to the victim. The device explode after 10 sec. dealing ### bio dmg to both.

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Funnily enough i had that idea for a separate hero but i couldnt make it work so i scrapped it. Worked pretty similarly except it ties two teamates healthbars together. Since the caster was a tank it allowed glass cannons survive longer.

I dig that Platinum. They need to do that for real. Great idea.

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Nice idea mate
And also very original
Kudos to u

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This hero needs to be added into the game. It could be a great counter to the PVP heal meta. Great concept!

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