December 2021 Update Notes - The Magnus Update

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:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:fish: New Hero: Magnus :ocean:

Magnus , the “Fisherman’s Legend”, and our latest 7 star Hero , joins the Hunt!

Check out his skills, and his UNIQUE Ruby Ability here: Hero Spotlight: Magnus

:trident: Neptune: Magnus skin event :trident:

Take on the Neptune Co-Op Raid Event to earn Sea King Tokens, which will give you a chance to win exclusive Skins like Magnus’ Rare Plus Skin, Sea King !

  • Level 35+ = 50x Sea King Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100x Sea King Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125x Sea King Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150x Sea King Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175x Sea King Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200x Sea King Tokens

Use your Sea King Tokens to open Sea King Crates, which cost 200 Tokens. Sea King Tokens and the Sea King Crate will expire Dec 16th at 11 AM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

The Sea King Crate also contains a brand new MYTHIC Skin for 4-Cep: Raptor!

The Neptune Skin Event will take place Dec 9th, 11 AM PST until Dec 16th, 11 AM PST.

:cloud_with_rain: Urgent Mission: Magnus :cloud_with_rain:

Join Ryker and Magnus as they try to shake big waves of change among the Shoremen in this new Urgent Mission! Earn lots of rewards, such as Astral and Void Canisters, Elemental Fragments, and Hero Fragments for Magnus!

Urgent Mission: Magnus will take place from Dec 9th, 11 AM PST until Dec 16th, 11 AM PST.

:full_moon_with_face: Astral and Void Elemental Raids :new_moon_with_face:

Astral and Void Elemental Raids are HERE!

Take on this Solo Raid event every Saturday and Sunday with ALL your Heroes and earn Astral and Void Canisters!

:gift: Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt :gift:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt is on from Dec 2nd, 4 PM PST until Jan 5th, 4 PM PST.

Search for Common, Rare and Legendary Presents hidden throughout the game to earn Holiday Tokens to spend in the Holiday Store !

The Holiday Store contains lots of great prizes, including Platinum MK 5 and 6 Cores, Astral and Void Canisters, previous years’ Winter Holiday Skins, and much more!

Plus, for finding ALL of the hidden Presents, you will receive a BRAND NEW Holiday Rare Plus Skin for Mandrake, Frosty!

The Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt will take place from Dec 2nd, 2021, 4 PM PST until Jan 5th, 2022, 4 PM PST. Presents will be hidden throughout Campaign (Normal and Hard) and Gauntlet modes. See in-game for complete details.

:christmas_tree: Min’s Danger Simulator: A Very Savage X-Mas :christmas_tree:

Min is back with her Danger Simulator! Play through this Holiday tale and win awesome prizes, such as Gold, Keel Fragments, and a brand new holiday Rare Plus Skin for Keel, Caisson!

Min’s Danger Simulator: A Very Savage X-Mas will take place from Dec 23rd, 11 AM PST until Jan 6th, 2022, 11 AM PST.

:o: Other Updates :o:

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Hero Changes :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

Torque Torque

  • Bronze Skill will now charge twice as fast
  • Defensive Mod increased

Surge Surge

  • Bronze Skill will now charge 30% faster
  • Defensive Mod increased
  • Elemental Defensive Mod increased
  • Base Health Increased

So much. Finishing the year with a bang, super excited. I do have one question does DECA have the rights to add new FF heroes? I know its a different game and I was wondering if we will see them or have to wait for DECA’s time was over.

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I’m honestly speechless. Best update I’ve seen in a long time. You guys really outdid yourselves with three amazing new skins, scavenger hunt, Mins sim, and new solo raids. Thank y’all!



I can’t say for certain, but they have access to what we’ve planned for future updates. You may see an FF hero, you may not :woman_shrugging: it’s up to them!


Thanks for responding I do look forward in seeing what’s in store. Keep up the great work and have a great day.


So much good in this update. Very nice. NEED that 4-cep mythic.

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Like the stuff coming, although i prefer Magnus with a red color.

Was hoping Brogan get a holiday skin, but others are fine. Can’t wait.


finally an exciting update :sunglasses:

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This update is looking X-ellent! :gift::partying_face:
These skins look so awesome. And i’m also so excited for the events coming this month! 2 of my favorite events!
The monthly balancing is also really good. I can see Surge being more tanky and faster with hsi roots being an awesome way into upping his playrate. And i also think the cooldown on Torque is hopefully the last one he needs. Good decisions have been made (except not buffing Pris)

I’m going for round 2000 at least this time!

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Elite rifleman needs some love y’all :cry:

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This sounds amazing. I am very excited about that

Whoa! This is very big fat update!

…finally, Surge gets some help…thanks Devs :+1:

About time Mandrake got that super skin!


I love the update. During the Stygia update I feel that Stygia is way too strong for pvp I feel it should be banned.

I told you, there’s going to be solo raids for void and astral canisters

poorest update of hero hunters looks lke forge fantasy

I’d prefer Magnus to actual FF heroes, plus the Christmas skins make this an actually fun update. A trident is just a spear, so it works better than outright magic.

In the Astral/Void daily raid rule, it’s written that we can use ALL heroes, but why I can’t pick Astral and Void heroes?

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