Marcus - Update 6.3

Hello Hunters!

Do you wanna see some tricks? Marcus is here to show you! Please welcome our new hero as he joins the Hunt!

As we enter this holiday season, there will also be some special events for you to have fun with, thematic skins and cool rewards! Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming:


Common: Casual
Rare skin: Geared-up

Holiday Rare Skin for Astrix: Arctic Huntress
Holiday Rare Skin for Briar: Christmas Spirit
New Mythic Skin for Halloway: Archetype
New Mythic Skin for Magnus: The Legend of the Sea

:sparkles:Featured Factions:



PvP Tournaments
New PVP Season
New Raids
Co-op Raids
Alliance Wars

:sparkles:Additional events:

:heart_eyes_cat:Min’s Danger Simulator: A very Savage X-mas
:gift:Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt
:eight_pointed_black_star:Extreme Raid (with Improved rewards :eyes: )

:sparkles:Hero changes:

:muscle:Buffed heroes: Halloway and Callidus -

:sparkles:Misc and Fixes:

  • Fixed minor visual bugs with Holiday Stores;
  • Fixed minor visual bug with Callidus Platinum ability;
  • Other minor bugs were fixed, mainly quality of life improvements;

I just love when we get two mythics, so wonderful!

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Waiting for Gilded Events in another update


Can’t wait to see these “improved rewards” for the extreme raid.

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PVE events is back! This is amazing. Thanks! And I really hope what all skin will be reachable without donate.


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The new Briar skin is not in the Christmas store. It says it “was” in the store. Am I missing something?

Cool skin by the way. Makes her look less like a giraffe.

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Danger sim. It seems the most logical because what else are they giving for it?
The astrix skin is in the scav, the mythics are never in danger sims, instead as a purchase and obtainable through crates. Seems like it to me


In what event we can get Magnus mythic skin?

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Hello! I’m afraid the Magnus mythic skin won’t be available through an event. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Hello @Deca_Willow:smiley:

Thank you for replying…

Sooo, can we say to get this Magnus mythic skin will be just like Verill’s mythic skin?


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I knew it… darn,
(lol poor lappo is a free to play player so he aint gonna get the skin, hah…)

i have other ways to get free stuf

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