Hero Spotlight: Magnus

Icon_ElementBio MAGNUS

Faction_Shoremen SHOREMEN

Magnus, the “Fisherman’s Legend”, and our latest 7 star Hero, joins the Hunt! Harnessing the forces of nature, Magnus controls the battlefield by rooting and stunning, while also providing heals for his team.

Weapon - Trident

Skills Header

Ocean’s Power

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Magnus powers up his weapon for the next six shots. The next six shots deal bonus Elemental Damage. If two shots hit the same target, the target receives extra Elemental Damage and is Stunned for 4 Seconds.

For every shot hit, this Hero gains three stacks of Ocean’s Blessing.

Ocean’s Poison

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Magnus launches a charged shot in a large target area. Targets caught in the blast receive Elemental Damage and are Rooted and Stunned for 5 seconds.

For every target hit, Magnus gains five stacks of Ocean’s Blessing.

Ocean’s Blessing

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


If an ally Hero is below 50% health, Magnus consumes a stack of Ocean’s Blessing to heal that Hero. This ability can only trigger once per Hero, every 0.5 seconds.

Ocean’s Growth

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Every time this Hero hits a basic attack on an Enemy, this Hero gains a stack of Ocean’s Blessing. Additionally, Magnus now starts with five stacks of Ocean’s Blessing.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero is invincible for the first 7 seconds of the match and receives increased attack speed.

How can I get Magnus?!


Magnus will be available in Crates, through Co-op Raids, and through an Urgent Mission Event!

What do you think of Magnus? Let us know in the replies!


this is like if aquaman said i’m done with fish and became a fisherman


I’m guessing it’s a 7 star because of the ruby skill. I love the damage = healing capabilities concept

Yep he’s a Seven Star!


does that 7 seconds improve or does that stay the same as they are leveled up?

folks are gonna panic about that one

The duration does increase as the skill is leveled up, up to a max of 12 seconds

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oh damn. so he sounds like a must have in later levels in terms of power and survivability

i hope to get him

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Seems like he’s needed for extreme mode


Does invincibility include immunity from stunning also?

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I really like the abilities, seems like a nice addition to the large roster of the game. I know I sound like a broken record, but still not a fan of the reused FF animations…


that’s cause you are one… jk but yeah it would be cool if the animation changed a little like waves swirling into a tidal tornado kind of thing and this new hero Magnus rises up in the center and camera zooms in one him :slight_smile:

Yes a new shoremen hero. Super excited. Also excited that the shoremen are getting a 7 star hero.

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He looks awesome. Looking forward to getting him.
Since he has a customized ruby skill. It wouldn’t hurt to give Pris. Salvatore and Hideo. Who are the only midlines without ‘doing damage’
Since they need it the most


Basically he is like a Halo/Kiyoshi on big steroids. Interesting!

This skin please

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His skills are easy to understand and I think he’s great. I would pair him with Kunoichi.

It looks so cool but it can become more cool if he is with void element and grey costume

A True Badass!! Thank you!!

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Can you make a character whose ability to make invisible enemy visible and mark it?

How much time will it take to come or release ? when new update version of game come?