Issue with my download content

Hello hero hunters… If u are hearing this so plz fix my problem… In my hero hunters mobile game app… It is showing to download the arenas i have downloaded the arena and but after some time it says to download again and i have been doing since yesterday and wasted Nearly about 1gb of my mb so plz fix this problem or i will uninstall this game…

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Contact Support. If you tap your profile, then click Support, then click Contact Us, you’ll find it. Also, gigabytes are bigger than megabytes…

I have same problem with my game

i join myself and a couple of others from my alliance to this thread. we are experiencing the same

The same thing happened to me and well I was sick of being downloaded often so I had to uninstall the game I was disappointed enough this update and I am vip 5 … :sob::sob:

So do i. Hope they fix it soon… I miss playing the game