Everytime I try to log in it says that I’m desynchronized from the server.

Having same problem here

When does the issue occur? Only when you start the game or at other points as well?

when i start the game

Only when I try to start the game up.

Are you using multiple devices? Sometimes I play on my phone, sometimes on my tablet. Both are Android, btw. Anyway, if i play on my account on my phone, then later use my tablet for the same account I’ll see that message UNLESS i first clear my tablet cache first.

I also clear cache before AW reset - especially when playing on the same device using 2 accounts. Otherwise the map is all jacked up.

Try first closing all apps on your device, then clear Hero Hunters cache. Make sure you press clear cache, NOT data. That’ll ruin your day.

I only play on my phone which is android but I will try clearing my cache and see if that helps. Thank you for the suggestion. Also I’ve reached out to DECA multiple times to no avail.

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This desynchronise issues starts when i tried making a purchase

Same for me as soon as I made a few purchases hours later I got the desynchronized issue. I feel like i just got robbed.

Could you both (@CSteve32) submit a request to our support team, so they can investigate what happened with the purchase? Don’t worry, your purchase won’t get lost.

I did I’ve submitted multiple requests to no avail.

What do you mean by no avail? Did they answer and give you instructions?

They responded by apologizing for the inconvenience and seeing that thier team was looking into it and nothing has changed. I still get the desynchronized message and I’m still unable to play the game. It’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to play. Do you have a better email for me to get in touch with someone who can better assist me?

delete the game and download it back, restore your account. that should fix your problem. but don’t try purchasing again till the issue is fixed

You can rech me on Discord, where we can exchange messages quicker. Have you joined the HH server?

Someone else told me to do that also and I still got the same desynchronized message

No I have not joined the HH server. What is it and how do I join?

You can download the discord app (desktop and/or mobile) and once signed up, you can click the server link in game to join.

that’s what i did and it cleared. delete it, download again, play the tutorial and finish it. then recover your main account

You can join here: Hero Hunters Community