Another complaint

With new update the game just changed into THIS


it happens to me every game I play in PVP or a game of cooperative

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This even happened to me twice in a row, i mean it just reopened, whats there to be desynchronized?

Desyncs can happen for a whole bunch of reasons. The best way to help us track them down is to log a ticket with Player Support so they can include all of the details about the desync in a bug report :slight_smile:

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It happens to me when I change account and I play a game in pvp


It’s been happening to me since yesterday, anytime I let my phone shut off and exit the game then try to re-open and play right after

Please investigate this desync issue. I tried it on both my ISPs and same result.

Same, also when i try to check daily quests or check pvp store, or check pvp blitz, or check alliance chat, or try to see info of my heroes

Same with me…i Tried a lot… Its a headache… I’m suffering from lot in this game

This will probably get closed for necro’ing, but issues like these should be given to Player Support, not the forums.

To contact Support, go to your profile, click “Support”, click “FAQ” and see if there’s an answer for you there. If not, click “Contact Us” and explain your issue there. If you don’t get a response soon, be sure to wait however long they tell you before sending another message.

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If he can’t login how can he report it?

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Check the FAQ! We cover that instance there.

Actually, everybody go read the FAQ again. There are some rules ad guidelines being ignored that can be easily solved if you read the rules.

Sir… My pvps & coops. Related issue is still not fixed… Please, fix that issue… Many players r facing that annoying issue… Where they see black screen of loading just after joining a pvp or coops…

…as I just said, check the FAQ again. There are rules and instructions being ignored.

You mean that we are facing this problem because of not following the rules ???

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Btw munnin the problem with co-op and PvP started after the second update was released after the torque update

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They are begging Muninn to fix the problem instead of sending a ticket, people should actually read the rules, sending a ticket for problems in game than coming to the fourms

Yosai did send the ticket they said my network was the problem but the only app I am having problems with is this one

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