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I’ve been trying to breakdown :hammer: Every Hero into :bar_chart: Spreadsheets & Calculate the best teams for Missions, PVP, Events, etc. Although much information is listed under each Hero’s profile, I still cannot find anything that explains certain things, like OFFENSIVE MOD, DEFENSIVE MOD multipliers, what they heck are they :face_with_raised_eyebrow: & how do they pertain to the rest of their stats, like DPS?
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I also have missing information here and there about certain Hero’s skills, like FRANCOISE Guerrilla Warfare “Whenever the friendly Team is outnumbered, all allied Hero’s Gain (x) Critical Bonus, 15% Critical Hit Chance :slot_machine:, and gain a 15% chance to evade enemy attacks” My FRANCOISE already has a 5% CRIT CHANCE (w/Atomic Skin :radioactive:) and her Street Brawler Skill gives her 10% CRIT CHANCE, so that would be 15% Total. So does she gain Guerrilla Warfare 15%, giving her a total of 30% Crt Chance, or does this only apply to everyone else? :roll_eyes:
I also can’t find any information on Growth Rates, Such as when a Hero Levels up or changes from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Plat etc. does the stat percentage increase every time, or just stay the same? or does it only change in Tiers (like, Silver to Gold), or how much do elements change your attack, like an Energy Hero attacking a Bio vs Energy attacking a Mech? There is so many many variables & I know it would take a long long time to calculate every individual Hero, but I’m willing to put in the :watch: time & :muscle: effort to figure these things out, I just really really need to know how I can calculate all these different variables.

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It might be difficult to determine the outcome because every hero has strength and weaknesses. Not to mention that some heroes that are strong might get nerfed later on and work on a fairer playing field.

I want to say good luck but without help from the devs on this which you likely won’t get (I already tried) you’re gonna be calculating numbers all day that won’t get you anywhere. Instead of doing on it based on raw stats why don’t you use your categories for general use cases like franc is a great support when outnumbered and increases crit so goes into the critical support heroes with moss and Caine

That’s why I want to have it all saved in spreadsheets, so ANY buff or nerf I can just change a number or two and have it all automatically calculated for me

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