The Guide is in progress!

Please find the link to the first draft of a section for the Guide that’s currently in progress. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, please remember that!!!

This section is specifically on Promoting and Evolving heroes.

This is the level of quality I strive to complete the entire guide in, there are some missing parts which I will fill in as I gain more information, when a complete V1 of the guide is released there will be no spaces like seen here. Feedback will be appreciated as well as any additional information that you think may help or should be included.

The Bold and Underlined sections will be converted into hyperlinks as well, the guide is interactive so you can jump from one section to another seamlessly. Also bare in mind the formatting may look a bit strange and broken, that is because it is on a google doc, I assure you the format is perfect once converted into a PDF :slight_smile:

Ps. Ignore the number 8 part i am doing it out of order as some parts of the guide are massive and were taking to much time such as war, and especially crates with the 101 different tokens :man_facepalming:


Awesome, thanks for assimilating this Gale!


If anyone knows what these stats mean when you promote and evolve a hero then please do let me know!

Power, Health, Damage, Critical Damage is self explanatory but does anyone know what Armour is/ what armour does? As well as what the difference between kinetic and elemental damage?

I also have no idea what the offensive and defensive mods are or what they do.

If anyone knows please post it here so I can include it into the guide :slight_smile::heart:

I want to believe it just multiplies the hero base stats, each multiplier different based on the role, Like Klayton getting a higher defense mod to get more tanky

It is just as yosai said it increases the defense mod against normal and elemental