Hero Stats' Meanings

Could someone explain what each of these stats actually mean?


Here goes:

Health is how much damage you take before you die.

Damage has two parts. Grey damage and mech/energy/bio damage. The damage shown on the hero info page is Damage Per Second (dps).

If you inspect the weapon info page you can see how much you do per shot, and what your firerate is. Divide the Dps by the fire rate to calculate it yourself: 54,453 / 1.6 = 34,033.

Armor reduces damage taken. Grey damage is reduced by armor, the rest of the damage is reduced by elemental armor. The armor reduction is kinda fuzzy, but the more the merrier.

Critical chance is how often you critically hit a weapon shot. The Critical damage % is how much more damage you deal on a crit.

The Mods are kinda funky but they determine how much hp and damage you have. Mods are basically the growth rate. You can divide the mod by the hero level to get a comparable growth rate to other heroes.

Edit: fixed a multiply that should’ve been divide.

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Incorrect, the DPS figure IS the damage per shot x ROF.

In Clyde’s pistol, his damage per shot is 34.033 x ROF 1.6 = DPS of 54.453.

The weapon data page damage per second and the main data page’s damage should tally. Sometime there are rounding inconsistencies but normally not by much.

For example, using the screenshots above

Clyde’s 54,453 damage per second in the weapon info page… look at the main data page under damage, and you will see that it is broken down into 2 figures, grey damage and orange (mech) damage. Probably somewhere around (probably 28,815 grey - 25,637 orange, rough estimate).

For Maven, in the screenshot above it shows 8767 grey damage plus 8032 green damage, and it should show up 16799 damage per second on the weapon data page.

Ty for posting that. I had no idea clicking the weapon did that. And I’ve played for over a year lol

Offensive Mods and Defensive Mods: these are multipliers that get multiplied to a hero’s level 1 base stats whenever levels and stars and bars are added (not skills). Levels and stars are multiplicative, bars are additive.

They are kinda hard to keep track of, tbh.

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Can anyone tell me whats this offensive mod and defensive mod means?

Nobody knows :joy:
The reality of it is there is no extensive breakdown of how the stats work or what they mean, something that should probably be released but you can try and pester the devs for it. Most however just use a hero to get a feel of their dps, for example there are a few tiers of toons in the game, support, glass cannons, tanks, healers and all-rounders; I’ll give some examples below

Support: Butters, Caine, kobold, Phalanx
Glass cannons: Odachi, Kuno, Clyde, Astrix
Tanks: Razor, Shank, Cast, Baron, Castellian
Healers: Gale, Keel, Flat, Moss
All-rounders: Ryker, Jarek, Mauler, Mandrake, Cross, Maven

The list goes on but I find that’s an easier way of separating them using their ‘stats’ as more of a what are they useful for rather then numbers on paper

(BTW I am sure some of you will disagree with my opinions on who fits into what category but idc)

What Gruff said is accurate.

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