Did the August update change anything for pvp?

Let’s go beyond the superficial… and I ask this seriously… apart from the length of time it now takes for pvp matches to complete… did the August update, and in particular, the Health and Healing rework, really change anything fundamental about pvp?

Is there a bigger selection of pvp heroes than there was before? No, not really. We still don’t see Cinder, or Ronin even though they were supposed to have been more extensively worked on with a view to being pvp-viable.

Did more health allow more heroes become viable pvp heroes? Nope, we still see the same old heroes (just with more health) - Mandrake Caine Dogface Panzer Nightingale Flatline and the rest of the usual pvp gang. Maybe a tad more Cast but that fad will quickly die given how inconsequential his contribution is.

I had some high hopes for Mauler, Pris, Francoise, Callidus and Hardscope, but no, these guys are still not viable but instead they are liabilities.


Unfortunately this is true. Other than matches taking longer, little seems to have changed in PVP. Most of the heroes that were used are still really good, and most that were unused are still bad. There were a few shifts like Flatline being better/used more while Gammond was nerfed into the ground and is never seen anymore, but other that that I am not seeing much shift.

Of course it’s still early and the next patch might dramatically change things. I really hope it does as I would love to use some of the cool heroes that rarely see play in PVP.

It’s just me running a team of Halloway, Ifrit, Hivemind, Mandrake and Butter and I keep bashing the most meta defining of all meta teams. :slight_smile: Hehe! No, to be honest I’d love to see more PVP variation even though I do feel it’s a bit shaken up lately. Just completed a game against Pris, Clylde, Phoenix, Ryker and Butter for instance, that was refreshing - but most often I see the same ol’ faces. I have high hopes about the future rebalance work and I also think these Faction specific months are important for giving certain previously unused characters a bit of exposure. I never thought about using Butter before, partly because ha just had a few stars but I learned to love him during the UAF month while I also had the opportunity to increase his power and I think he’s great for PVP now.

I will see random heroes in PVP all the time, but it’s usually after I have went through my competitive top tier team where I have faced the same 6-8 heroes over and over. When I start playing my 3-5 star, silver characters I see a lot more variation because those brackets aren’t really as competitive. I will still see the occasional Panzer/Dog/Drake/Night/Caine/Heimlock/Flatline, but it’s like half the teams rather than all.

They kinda broke razor, his damage is close to 0

I changed Razor with Caine in my first team, thats all for me. Win rate stayed about the same for me. Afterwards I barely get wins, because with the higher HP you need a good damage dealer to break trough the supporters and the game lacks damage dealers.

I see more Nightingales and Flatlines in PvP. From time to time I see someone try something different but I mostly destroy them with ease. Lets see how it continues. They should buff more heroes to damage dealers next, because a good damage dealer is mandatory with the higher HP. Right now we only have Dogface, Clyde, Maven and Odachi.