Mandrake flatline nightingale endless cycle of healing

8E6F3565-40FE-4F6E-9DB1-89BBA1DE66AF So Flatline can bring you back to life when you’re about to die
then Heal you and herself gold skill
mandrake heels and turn you invisible around 30% of your life left
nightingales speed of how fast she can heal
Use your imagination
get two more characters
don’t matter who
Start PVP
99% winner chicken dinner
please believe
Those three alone can support a team no matter what heroes Are opposing
Since it happened to me I’ve been abusing it I have no problem telling everybody
hopefully they’ll change it
Haven’t lost yet approaching 40+ PVP’s in a row
try it see what happens

I think you are confusing Oracle with Flatline,
Oracle is not in that team and she can’t prevent death. Just a heads up!

Cool and all but I will appreciate post that on subject not corrections to how I spell or what I say because that’s not what The forms for
I just put the post up not even a minute or so ago
you commented not on the subject
Didn’t even give me an opinion on what I’m asking
This proves you’re a troll

All I can say about this is,
yes - that is a hard team!

But please understand I was not attacking your spelling - I was pointing out that you got the wrong name and it made the entire post a bit confusing. I friendly pointed this out so that you can edit the post and the title with the correct name. :slight_smile:


I Accept your apology from now on stay on subject

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I don’t think a new forum post is needed every time you lose a pvp match claiming things are OP… The issue I see here is that the team you used has only one person with any amounts of DPS and thats Dogface. Flatline and Gale are really easy to deal with even with Mandrake on the team as they have such low health. Even if you replaced just one of your tanks with another damage dealer I think you would have won that match quite easily.

Right here I think the issue is the team you used and not the enemy team being OP.


Since I’m the man of the hour I will say it again go and try it before you give me opinions about any team Dynamics or lineups or anything else just go try it then take a picture make a post and I’ll comment on yours

I dont understand why you think you know more than EVERYBODY else. Probably because you are a genius.

Sure, Mandrake, Flatline and Nightingale are a strong combination. But with 4 tanks is a given you are going to lose. The moment they kill Dogface, you have no damage left to outdamage any healer.


@GTSaiko Couldn’t agree more.

Once again go and try yourself take some pics and post them
it’s not that I’m smarter than everybody else
I’m just stating facts posting pics not just saying what I think
When I’m playing the game it Would be different then yours Experience
it’s obvious
So everybody has a different experience with different heroes and they think they’re the kill all’s and then the biggest and baddest gun in the game he can’t be stopped or beat
Heard and seen it before everybody can be beaten this game Including the three heroes I’m speaking of in any line up that is being honest but yet you haven’t posted a pic of you beating that lineup and then show me how big bad your team is
Sure you can make a fake account and challenge yourself to match and i don’t really care the facts of the facts Prove me wrong with more than just a statement flatline mandrake Nightingale those three are unstoppable does not matter what other two heroes on the team
understand Apps updates all the time and hot fixes pop up
check Keel Scavenger heal
now only heels one person with Lowest health
that’s a dramatic difference from the whole team and her self
updates change the games landscape pay attention
They just overhauled the whole healing aspect to prove what I’m saying but I guess in the last eight hours or so since the update went up
you’ve tested everything out and you know everything about every character
got it

I don’t think the pictures that you have been posting add anything to the discussion. I think maybe try posting pictures of the stats at the end of the game like damage dealt, healing done, time that your team stayed alive, etc. All that we see is that you lost the pvp match which is why we commented on your team. Thats the only resources you gave us to comment on.

I cant understand half of what you saying. You just keep going in circles and changing subjects. Im done talking with geniuses for today.

stay on subject
Post something relevant to the topic
Don’t troll my pics that’s not what the forms for

So you’ve noticed the circle to
Most people aren’t talking on the subject so I have to continually remind people to stay on the subject comment on what we’re talking about I don’t comment just go make your own post and go post over there

You’re using a 13k matador with a 6k dogface, that’s the place where it goes wrong, but since I’m just a troll because I don’t have the Nightingale skin and you’re the expert on anything(without the Nightingale skin?) have fun blaming Nightingale for your lack of damage dealers.

Like many others said, you’re going in circles attacking everyone, only to reply to say the exact same thing over and over, instead of asking people how to change your team or ask help you blame everyone else, telling people that are 100k+ in power higher they know nothing and telling them you’re playing endgame and you know best…

you might be even right but the way you speak I’m done giving this anymore attention, have fun with your Matador

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Forms are kind of like debates you need to do your research gather some information the majority of these post on here are not commenting on the subject The proof that you guys are trolls are in your messages the moderators read the same thing I’m reading you’re not on subject go make your own post and then you don’t have to worry about mine this is to discuss and figure out solutions
Not attack one another and be at that I made the post you’re just attacking me

Read this, answer else I’m done

I can promise you, FFAU, that next time I beat the hard (not unstoppable) team consisting of Flatline, Mandrake and Nightingale I will return here with a picture to show you which heroes I used to accomplish the victory.

It’s about time go for gather some info start a post do anything besides criticize me for just stating facts

If you have anything to say about the topic please feel free
but if you want to tell us that you gonna stop posting on my thread
Just stop posting here
Once again has nothing to do this subject