Limited districts

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I don’t know if this has been brought up before, (if it has pls tell me why it couldn’t be in the game) but I would like to suggest the idea of limited districts.

REASON: since district 15 aren’t gonna happen I want to give the players something else to do when they finish all the district. I know extreme are a thing but they are very hard and aren’t accessible for most players.

HOW IT WORKS: LimiteD districts will be seasonal and they come and go. These districts could offer new interesting story line and offer special rewards they could also scale in difficulty depending on player.

The story is the most important part :slight_smile:



You mean like side missions? Tangential to the story or maybe gives more detail to a part of the story that was left a little vague?

I always felt the gauntlet was sort of a side mission that was left unfinished…like it should have had some sort of story. But yeah, I like your idea.


Another game I played tried this. Let’s just say said game has a very low fan base now.

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