Beating the dead horse

When I try to play fair, I get matched up against teams with one super-powered member and 4 low powered members. I get annihilated.

When I try to play unfair, I get matched up against teams with 5,000 more power than mine. I get annihilated.

Just today I got matched up against a team with TWO 10* bronze members, TWO 10* silver members, and one 9* gold member. I got annihilated.

I can’t win. Most people I’ve talked to only do enough PvP to get the first fragment reward because it is so broken that it isn’t even fun. It seems to get worse with every event.



This is an excellent summary of how the playerbase feels about the current state of pvp, and I hope the devs take good notes on this one.

So to start off, let’s start with a quote from the latest update.

There is supposed to be a decent sized difference between all of the heroes. Though I have noticed some lapses in the system, it has been working pretty well. I have been seeing min/maxers get slammed harder and more often for their exploitation.

There are also ways to counter these teams as well. For example, a good Mauler team can completely disable min/maxers and take away its most essential part. Good team comp can also beat those types of teams under certain conditions and situations.

On the part of stars over bars, that one is really tricky. I haven’t found a way to counter that than just good team composition. At that point, it’s up to the devs to fix it by inflating the power that stars provide or scaling the stat boost of stars down. Just bear through it though, the pvp rewards are worth it.

I would disagree with you on the last point, though I can see where the frustration has come from. It isn’t fun to lose. It feels great to win and it is really frustrating when you feel that someone used a cheap or exploitative tactic to win. But, again, I would like to disagree, because with every update I see pvp getting better and better. Min/maxers and meta heroes are going to take time to balance out, but give the devs time and your patience. Hastily trying to come up with a solution to a complex and intricate problem will only worsen the state of what you’re trying to fix.

So just stick around and enjoy other parts of the game. DM me, or anyone else, on help with pvp teams if needed. There are a lot of great people willing to help you and give you tricks and advise on how to play!


PS: My name on discord is Nham#2995. Send me a message there if you want help!


I agree with Nham, it’s not perfect but it’s much better than it was. A good Mauler team wrecks most min maxed Panzer teams and all Dog teams. We shouldn’t have to rely on Mauler for the only answer to that but it is better than it is was with new handicap for unbalanced teams.

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My main issue is that too many teams I face rely on the same heroes and have no diversity whatever.

Cough “Mandrake” cough

I don’t even have an issue with mandrake. I have found Nightingale, Panzer, and Dogface to be so much worse.

It’s mainly the combinations with him. I can beat most teams and only struggle with Mandrake teams. My issue is with his best counter being Nightingale and Mandrake usually being part of teams with at least two out of three you mentioned and Flatline.

Of the top tier heroes I only use Panzer (and Heimlock he is not always mentioned) and I agree she is still to powerful.

I must be using mauler wrong then. Can you help me out.

My mauler team is Mauler-Savage-Halo-Ifrit-oracle

This team doesn’t really play to the strengths of mauler, rather it is trying to play to the strength of Halo. A good Mauler team will play to the stregnths of all their respective heroes, especially Mauler and Halo.

Your current team will not hold up against Min/maxers, or you would have to get extremely lucky for it to. I would recommend putting in Caine or Moss for extra cirt chance instead of Savage or Oracle. Also, keep in mind that your team falls apart if you lose Halo. Flatline will help keep Halo alive, so I recommend using her.

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I use:
Mauler/Heimlock/Moss/Gammond /Hardscope

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My perspective has been that significant power disparities are not punished as harshly.

I’ve used teams and faced teams with just under a 2x power spread and the penalties seem minor now. Before I would try to keep my teams within a ~3,000 power spread at 35-40k. Now I’m trying other teams where my spread widens to around ~4,500 power at 35-40k (e.g. my DPS is 10,500 power but some supports are as low as 6k power) and I don’t see any difference in matchmaking.

Once the power spread widens enough (5,000+) the formula seems to get MUCH more aggressive/punishing, but that was always the case.

Yeah, it does feel as if the algorithm is written such that sandbagging is targeted/punished MUCH more than min-maxing. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily since sandbagging is just blatantly taking advantage of lower leveled players. I would have expected (and hoped) though that min maxing would have been addressed much more harshly than it seems to have been. Hopefully we will see a sharper disparity punishment in the near future.