Easter Eggs Locations!

Hey hunters!

The Easter egg scavenger hunt is live now, so it’s the time again for hunters to cooperate and share easter egg locations hidden throughout the game!

Here’s how you can contribute/find locations:

  1. Join our community discord and post your findings in the Easter holiday channel!

Here’s the invite link below! You will be teleported to the easter egg holiday channel in discord!

  1. You can find eggs in these documents!

P.s. this is my first time posting public document here, so if the doc is either unaccessable or any inconveniences are found, please message me.

  1. You can post your findings by replying to this thread! But you have to specify the number of the egg and the location.

See you in the discord and have a wonderful Easter holiday!

As always, Happy Huntings!


Thanks for doing this! Always great to see community members helping each other out.


why can’t I edit the doc

is the document supposed to be blank? or is it being updated as we speak

The document is blank. Discord is very inconvenient, everything is mixed up there. need to do like all previous events.

yeah, it just seems like a cluster mess. one guy going in semi order, others throwing out randoms. kinda hard to follow

Normal mode 1-31-8 2-4 3-6 3-10 4-1 5-4

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left side unreadable

I got “access denied” on the file. Please fix. Thanks

Same can’t even view now

Do we need some special access or is the doc just bugged?

I can’t access to the document. =(

Most likely access I had to send request to person to see if they’ll give me access to it

No puedo puedo ver el documento

The document is fixed! It’s public and available for edit!

I apologize for rough start :slight_smile:

Sorry cannot edit the doc. Cannot upload the pic

#58 solo raid mech wave 2. Just above barrrel on middle portion

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Egg 65 5-3 wave 2 turn to left, inside container. Can’t add picture or edit doc

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If you guys cant edit doc, please post pic in this thread. thanks.

The document is closed. It says need to ask for permission to view

The document was fine until now.

What did people do to it?