Easter Scavenger Hunt 2022 Google Doc

:rabbit: Happy late Easter Hunters! :rabbit:

The Easter Scavenger Hunt is coming up very soon! It’s time for the community to team up once again and locate all 100 Eggs!

1) Everyone except editors will be put in view-only mode for the document. The editors are Discord Moderators from the Offical Hero Hunters Server, as well as some special guest editors.

2) If you’ve found a egg that is not already added to the doc, please share the location by commenting on this forum post, or posting it in the #scavenger-hunt channel in the Hero Hunters Discord Server. If you’re not already in the community discord server, please consider joining!

3) Please provide the egg number, the mission number, a brief description of where it is located, and a screenshot of the egg.

Good luck with the Scavenger Hunt everyone, and lets get out there and break some eggs! :rabbit:


Ty! This will be very helpful! That skin does look fire tho! Can’t wait till we all get it!

A little over an hour to go!

Devs have said all Eggs are in Normal and Hard Campaign.
Not in Gauntlet this time!

Let’s break some eggs!

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What about pvp? I miss that,

eggs are only found in Normal and Hard campaign.

Rip, Miss the days when you would just be grinding with metador and lose it when someone stuns you, lololol, good times,

#44-8-4 normal- wave 3 frontline, to the right in the cell block behind you

Gotta be an easier way for 17 the other heros kill Clyde before I can do anything

Anyone else see a tiny little “3” next to the amount of eggs found?

I was able to get it using Cast, Gammond, and Oro. I chose them because they have slower firing rates, allowing me enough time to shoot the egg.
That being said, I still had no time to hesitate otherwise I would have missed the egg, so it is still incredibly difficult. If an easier way is found I will update our info accordingly. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

Castellan, Shank and cast are low damage heroes. Should be able to get them with these

Immediately got it with the loadout in the ss after I posted lol


I don’t even see the gap in 17. Its only a matter of seconds pass before the level is over. I’m using the same lineup in the screenshot. Do I need to move left or right first or should I be able to just look down and to the right immediately without moving? Man I can’t even see the shipping container before its over. I tried Cast and Castellon as well. All of my frontline heroes are too leveled up.

Go far left as you can with savage, and gotta move quick

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You rule Kyle, thanks! I got it just as Clyde started his dirt nap. Whew!

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Here’s an interesting observation while hunting eggs that I discovered. I’ve always had an issue when looking around left and right with most heroes where their radius of view was limited. Today I discovered Luciana almost has a 360 radius view. Her vertical sight seems limited but her horizontal radius is top notch. :wink:


I can see the egg, but not able to aim at it with gamond or any other Frontline heroes tried with single Frontline and with three also, can you post video of it

Never mind got it thanks


Man no eggs for 3 days, :frowning: they did a good job this time,

Is it just me or is it still on 62? We’re never gonna find em all :((((( rip maven skin