Easter Scavenger Hunt Google Doc 2023

Happy Easter Hunt :rabbit:

This years scavenger hunt will be starting in just a few more hours (currently 2.5hrs from now). It is once again time for the community to come together and find all 100 eggs hidden around the game.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Locations 2023 - Google Docs

1) Everyone except editors will be put in view-only mode for the document. The editors are Discord Moderators from the Offical Hero Hunters Server, as well as some special guest editors.

2) If you’ve found a egg that is not already added to the doc, please share the location by commenting on this forum post, or posting it in the #scavenger-hunt channel in the Hero Hunters Discord Server. If you’re not already in the community discord server, please consider joining!

3) Please provide the egg number, the mission number, a brief description of where it is located, and a screenshot of the egg.

Good luck with the Scavenger Hunt everyone, and lets get out there and break some eggs! :rabbit:



#61. 11-2 (hard). Frontline, 3rd wave. To your left next to the dumpster at the end of the police cars.


11-8 Normal. #66. Wave 3, any hero. Forklift on the right down on the field.

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Is this normal or hard missions?

It’s found in Normal

Normal sorry. I updated the post

Under recently found you put 77 when I believe you meant to put 57.

might need to refresh the doc. there is now 78 total found

Thanks a lots for found all eggs :blush:

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Kudos to all who participated in finding the eggs…


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