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This game is very interactive with players from all over the world. Which is awesome but many times we run into language barriers that make it difficult and at times impossible to interact. You can use a translator in google but that takes so much time bc u can’t copy and paste there message into it. So an embedded translator would solve that issue. You could simply set the language u want to receive and that would convert everything for ya. Wasn’t sure if this has already been discussed before. If so I’m sorry.


Or at the very least. Allow us to copy and paste so we dont have to translate word for word. Gets time consuming and not many will go through the hassle to communicate with those typing in a different language. A built in translator would be nice but i deff see some core communication issues that i rather be fixed and/or created to make communication more functional for AW needs.


There isn’t a game that currently has this function, to my knowledge, due to how incredibly expensive it is.

If it seems easy, simple, and/or obvious, there’s a reason why it hasn’t been done yet.

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If only there was one official international language :slight_smile:

There are games I played through Tapjoy that have translation. They are horrible games though and I’d rather get new heroes and fresh monthly content, like you offer.

“We offer a real-time translation system for more than 20 languages that gives players the ability to communicate with other players from all over the world. … also provides a cross-server chat room system that allows players to chat seamlessly."

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What game’s copy are you quoting, here?



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one way! Allow selection in the game chat allows a program for the translator to start implementing the translation, such as this image on WhatsApp As you know that writing on the game chat is crucial not to review, correct or delete even if some of the writing is incorrect Only if you can copy the writing sent in a game chat without resorting to screen capture, the translator will be allowed to work automatically!

Here in the forum I use the same method

This method will save you a lot of time between the game and the translator. Just give the game a chat. You can select the writing…
Copy and paste options, such as what a colleague said in short, is clear
I hope that it should not be underestimated that it is very important to me and others. I am from the Middle East and the game lacks this Arabic language. Perhaps it is the most appropriate way to communicate. I am tired of filming the screen and get out of the game. Go to the translator and go back to the game! I find the Alliance chat went beyond the basis of dialogue and got into another topic

Do not deprive us of I love this game with passion, even if he is uneducated and ignorant. Whoever wants to play this game should not be an engineer or a teacher of the languages ​​of our fingers are not equal? Make things uncomplicated

it really is mind-blowing that you still can’t copy text from the chat. you actually have to go out of your way to disable a text-based field from letting you copy text (at least on android. not sure what iFruit does…)

What a coincidence, there is actually a game with an integrated translator:

Dorfleben Küste (<~ App Store & Googleplay )

Pubg as well, I believe

Kingsgroupgames ie gog

OMG I still have nightmares about that game

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll look into it. However, note that new features and adjustments at this point in the game’s life need to prove they’ll provide a good ROI. And not just “it’ll make things easier and therefore, more players, and more profit” which you can’t prove. I can pass it along to the rest of the team, but as always, no promises.

Ups: more comminication with others, therefore more conversations and more people heading into vip chat. More god: more chances for coop raids.

To be clear: not asking you guys to make a financial case for it. I’m just letting you know that “it would be cool and good” isn’t always enough, business-wise. As I said, I’ll bring it up.

I use to play the game -The Godfather : Family Dynasty . It had the in-game translate feature which worked really great as it allowed us to communicate and discuss our strategies in war. With members in alliances from different part of the world it would be quite helpful to chat with them . Coming from a lot of team player games, I think Hero Hunters currently is lacking a bit in terms of communication between alliance members . A function to atleast copy paste messages for translation would make a huge difference for the time being . It would further improve the game environment and I personally would like to see more people communicate in the game just like we see on these forums.

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