Enough is enough

Ok … it is getting very old now and it quite frankly … very boring.

Some adjustments (I use this sparingly) needs to be made to Ronin. Not a knee jerk reaction, just some tweaks to stop him from being the “be-all-end-all” hero he currently is.

We are currently at the same point when the likes of Panzer was at her prime. Or when Mauler came to light. And every team revolved around that one hero. Admittedly Mauler required an Ifrit/Halo setup. Panzer just needed … well … Panzer.

Either way, something needs to give because PvP right now is just down right boring.



Utilise kunochi très efficace contre ronin

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We already have a couple of threads about this topic. The developers read every thread, and are aware of player feedback regarding Ronin. Thanks!