You guys really have to make something with Ronin

Doesn’t matter what, if he’s againts a tank, a mid-line, a same element hero, a counter element hero, the clearest counter. He kills everything, in just few seconds.

The thing here is that you must adapt your team to play against Ronin (it shouldn’t be like that, but ok) and expect you don’t find a diferent team configuration or you’ll get destroyed.

There is thread for Ronin and everyone discussed it, you can share your thoughts there to keep that thread alive so developers can see it (sure they already did) and hopefully do something about it.

Of course they have (You can see the las thread closed called “enough is enough”. The think is that we’ve got this problem since two months ago and I haven’t seen a real change.

I know they are really bussy developing 3 stars 60 bucks useless heroes and maybe if we remind them more frequently, they could change this situation.

Spamming the forum is the opposite way to go about getting a Hero rebalanced. Trust me: we’re aware of the feedback regarding Ronin. Thanks!