Over powered Ronin

Since January update 9*+ Ronin in any team composition means over 90%wining. Unless the opposite team benefits the one as well. Even subsequent February update didn’t tweak down his power that much. He can easily take out any hero with average 1.5 clips.
Gentle devs, kindly don’t monopolize wining chance to some exclusive heroes.
We witnessed such over power issues before about night(over healing), Panzer (devastative dps), and now Ronin.
Let people be creative a little, Let speed and accuracy of aiming, timely dodging/rolling over, skill usage management and etc. Lead the PVP.
Plz alway test heroes carefully before releasing or tweaking them.
Thank U.
Any opposition is hugged warmly :slight_smile:


Emergent strategies based on player meta choices aren’t always foreseeable, and not always unwelcome.

We have an extensive QA department, and we do test our game thoroughly. Thanks.


I’ll be fine if they increased the cooldown on his Silver skill

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Out of curiosity, could you guys share your thoughts on what you see as Ronin’s role and whether any further nerfs are being contemplated? I know he’s supposed to be some sort of champion of the weak, which is why he gives HP to the weak and gets empowered while protecting them, but he seems to be used a lot for sandbagging. I like the character and am building one out now, but I understand why people criticize him.

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Again, buff others don’t nerf good hero’s.

He got a big nerf last update.

If you have issues with min maxing, it’s an other department.


Ronin have a broken design, I enjoy using him but I have to admit that he is completely made for sandbagging. I don’t feel it that much, but when I play at 40-55K team power; well at this range is Ronin sandbagging paradise.

Is Ronin overpowered? Yeah, But I’m with @Kraterios , don’t nerf, buff other’s.


We can build balanced team with the heros with lower health. The problem is with the min-maxing. With that, we can bring all heros to our advantage if we didn’t level up them high. I think the problem lies in PvP matching and penalty applied. Nerf him a bit if he is still overpowered. But not too much to make him useless. Too much healing and reviving in the game already. I just don’t want to lose another dps to outdamage them.

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The Ronin team I run is all within a star, platinumm, same level, and same skill level. It is good but no where near OP. The calls for nerf is a good way to ruin a game. Buff other hero’s and fix the match making.

I agree that buffing characters is a good way to go. But looking at Longshot gives me the vision of matches which are over under 10 second if only dvelopers are traped in buffing up loop. I know HP can be increased as well. But in this case it Would be pointless at the end to see all and all are balanced same as first place.
I think another brilliant idea could be new skills. Such as third skill for diamond promotion or even before that.

I agree and I don’t agree

when we say buff other’s, it doesn’t mean buff all hero’s and makes them god tire, give some love to weaker hero’s and make them a little viable, of course a game need weak hero’s and I don’t disagree with this.
The problem about Ronin is not that he is OP or he is good, it’s about sandbagging and Ronins broken design. His skills made for sandbagging, if there was enough punishment for sandbagging you will not see any thread about Ronin being OP.

Sorry but it’s not a brilliant idea, it’s nonsense. I don’t want to go off topic here but any action before fixing matchmaking and sandbagging problem it’s ruining the game.

Diamond promotion? Third Skill? Are you serious?
Imaigine a Ronin with Diamond promotion along with mandrake/flatline/cain/iffrit at gold promotion matching a balanced team without enough punishment which it is the main problem in PvP system. you know what I’m saying right?
Not brilliant at all.

His last “nerf” was barely that Kraterios.

He lost about 10% of his damage but his plat HP buff now gives about 50% more than it used to.

Considering Ronin usually goes with Flatline, that HP buff was actually pretty significant.

His silver is nice and I wouldn’t touch it, there are so few unique skills like that. His plat damage continues to be significantly out of line though, with 4x Honorbound the bonus continues to be LARGER than his base damage.

Can you imagine if other DPS characters had a platinum that was just “Your attacks now do 110% more damage and your allies now have 20% more health”?! I don’t want Ronin to be unusable but the simple fact is that it’s really hard to justify using anyone else when the bonuses are that strong. I would also like to see Ronin’s bronze made useful again… the December “buff” to eviscerate was a big nerf to its damage.


Damn dude throwing some shade. You guys have been doing a better job lately but I don’t know if anyone who was around for Panzer 1.0 could take that statement seriously. Panzer started with a skill that could 1-shot sooo many heroes and her gun could wipe out a 2nd hero within 5 seconds.

I know that seems off-topic but Ronin min-max wasn’t an emergent strategy so much as “a broken hero that’s been dormant for ~6 months because Panzer had completely eclipsed the entire DPS scene”. Still, things are improving and if Flatline and Ronin get knocked down a peg I could legitimately see a PVP meta that isn’t controlled by a single hero (though Dogface and Panzer still retain significant edge over 90% of DPS).


The crazy thing with Ronin is that, by making him available in the Gauntlet store, the devs seem to be saying “this dude isn’t broken, the problem is that not enough people have him available for use.” And I’m just not sure that’s the case.

With due respect buddy. Although sandbagging, min-maxing and other tricks are serious matters which should have been attended long ago, Here I’m talking about releasing or augmenting heroes who make the other than this hero employment load out, useless.
I don’t understand why semi strategic game shall suffer from weak characters? if they are to be useless, then why released in the first place. Just to do patrols?
I’m not saying that every character should be an unstoppable beast. But imho every single character should benefits from unique aspect which grant it an edge in combination with others. To put it simply, uniqe abilities/power of each character should make a peculiar synergy in combinition of each team which gives it a new spirit. Although it may sounds like an unreachable utopia, all the plan to develop the game should be made accordingly.emerging super heroes out of nowhere is in opposite direction.
About third skill which was spoken I think I missed the abovementioned point. A third active skill could be an step toward specializing each character where it lacks. Think of Wesson which can destroy every cover as well, or Chesterfield with group reviving ability and so on… . I use the words loosely, imagine what you desire.
Now back to min-maxing or sandbagging issue variable approaches can be made. for instance the number of stars could be the main factor for match-making and the other parameters could be applied as subsequent, and I know such approach has its own defects though.
I’m not trying to question anyone’s ideas. Just saying what I think.

I’m not sure what factors the devs have in place for match making in PVP, and I really don’t care. One simple thing should result and that is a message to players that there is no advantage in NOT leveling your characters. Basically, if there is any kind of advantage to not leveling any aspect of a hero to the maximum available to you, then the game is contradictory. I’ve never heard of any other game, ever, where one could have an advantage by keeping your characters low level or in anyway underdeveloped for what you have the ability to level up to.

I think the matching system should not allow you to use characters that are more than 5 levels off from any other character you are choosing or more than two stars off. After that, match by power as the last factor. Also, if the game didn’t allow you to level up a character more than 5 levels beyond their skills, that would solve a lot. The game already doesn’t allow you to raise a skill beyond the character’s level, why not have the reverse be true to some degree?


I always thought he could have the same damage increase but boosted by the number of energy allies instead of number of allies with lower health than he has.

Or maybe boosted by enemies with higher health instead of allies with lower health.

I think that if you changed Ronin’s plat bonus to energy damage, it would go a long way towards making him more balanced. It’s fine if Ronin is a good hero and part of a meta, so long as there are viable counters to him. Having mech DPS would theoretically be a counter to Ronin, except that his plat gives regular damage and he melts any mech DPS he’s up against (esp. since he’s usually a higher level than the mech DPS). I can’t think of a real counter to Ronin right now, which is what makes him a problem.

Above all, think about the sarcasm in reality (if it could be extended to).
Imagine the guns of a team member are so pissed off becuase the general health condition of his master is higher than other team mates, so it decides to punishes the enemy harder to put down the load. :joy::joy::rofl:

Honestly, I’d be really interested in what the win% is for teams that have Ronin as the most powerful character on their team. I bet it’s at least 90%.

It’s really not fun to play against - the enemy Ronin is usually a higher level than my own DPS, so if I try to attack him with my piloted DPS, with his higher level and his honorbound stacks he’s going to kill me before I kill him. If I kill his support characters, he’s going to get more of mine before I get his, and honorbound makes it surprisingly hard to kill his support.

Like, what is the counter to a Ronin team? Panzer? I’m not sure that even she does enough damage to kill a higher level Ronin fast enough, especially if they put fast-casting healers around him. And once Panzer is done with her first clip of ammo, she’s out of commission forever while she reloads. Mauler is definitely not the counter - he’s the counter to most single DPS teams, but I’m running him with both Caine and Moss (so the stun lock is pretty consistent), and good Ronin teams destroy me because of the elemental difference. Dogface has a shot if he gets his bronze and silver up, but by the time that happens Ronin’s killed 1, maybe 2 other members of your team.

Honestly, if someone can tell me what the counter is to a good Ronin team, I will be willing to stop asking that he gets nerfed, but I don’t think there is one.

Nerf this character, he is completely overpowered, and honestly not fun to play against at all.


Can’t agree more…

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