Erroneous skin counter

Hmmm I’m missing 4 skins from total but I’ve yet to unlock…7 skins…20190628_011134

FyI the total skin count is the prob, not the currently unlocked no.

Those are the Holiday skins that were only available for a limited time.


Even without counting the non holiday ones, that’s 6 missing.

What Nikon means is that the “total” number of skins shown does not include holiday skins. So for example, if there were 5 limited edition skins and 20 standard ones, and you had all 25, then you would see 25/20 skins owned.

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Still doesn’t makes sense. I own 4 holiday skins (both winter, 1 of the Halloween and Heartbreaker Flat). That should bring my true total owned amount down to 53 (from 57), and excluding the non-holiday Cross skin, I’m missing 7 skins ( but 61-53 = 8).

Edit: The numbers only add up if we ignore Heartbreaker Flat and Cross [61- (57- 2 Xmas - 1 Halloween) = 7 skins] . Weird how the Heartbreaker series is considered non-event/holiday then.



Correct. All limited edition skins have a banner across them indicating “holiday skin” etc. So the numbers indeed make sense. Any skin that can be purchased for dust is not a limited edition skin (including heartbreaker & lovestruck)

Except heartbreaker n lovestruck arent bought with dusts…

This convo is great :hugs:


So right now we have absolutely 65 skins.

Edit: There are 4 special skins (Razor, Ghoul, Savage, Halo) all others were normal to purchase

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Except that Flat and Cross’s rare are not available for purchase in normal times.

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