Unlock special skins

I’m wondering if anytime soon can the devs unlock the special skins like the Heartbreaker for Flatline, is the only one I’m missing and is not way to buy it.

Probably someone open a request like this before but I’m new here.

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I did also miss out on the Santa skin for Savage and that other one for Halo, so it’d be nice if maybe one day in the future they could be unlocked temporarily.

Not really a high priority request, but we’ll see what happens.

Some skins are ‘limited edition’ and were rewarded for participation in certain events in the past. They are not meant to be acquired any other way. They are special only for those that earned them. Think of them as a ‘badge’ for being an older player.

Re-releasing them to players that did not earn them in their intended way would ruin them for anyone earned them during their respective events. They would no longer represent what they do now and would lose the fact that they are limited edition.


The special skins are certainly something that are okay to have, but it would really be ideal if it was balanced with an assortment of common and rare skins. All of the latest skins have been the specials, which isn’t the best.

My guess is the appropriate skins will be available at the appropriate events again, Savage Santa will probably be available again this Christmas and Heartbreaker Flatline will most likely be available next valentines again as new skins are mostly just an idea at this point, it would make sense to make the old skins available again.

I hope they bring them back anytime soon. I take a break of the game and when I came back everybody have that skin but me LoL.

that’ll teach ya to leave the game :wink:


I think special skins should stay just that special. You have to earn them in the event that offered them. I don’t want to see them come back. I want new ones for new events.

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