Event Reset Timer

Love the game already that I spent some money on day one btw, but I do have an idea. Why not extend the event timer to 12am instead of 2pm. Like the daily reset

Hey @Danielle_Carroll, thanks for the feedback and we’re glad you’re enjoying the game!

As event timers are global (starting the same time for everyone in the world) we had to pick a time that was the most convenient for as much of our global audience as possible. If we moved the event start times to late PM for the US East Coast, the Europeans would have events starting and ending before 8am in the morning, which is pretty rough :slight_smile:.

11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern ended up being the time that left the fewest number of players globally with events ending while they were sleeping. Hope that explanation helps!


I appreciate the explanation and it‘s really awesome to see some developer really thinking over this tiny little fact :slight_smile:

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