1 hour less tournament time

In a recent update the tournament end time was reduced by 1 hour.

Right now we have daylight savings time so it ends at 7 o’clock.

Let’s say we finish work/school/stuff at 5, and eat after 7.

That leaves us 2 hours to play.(this is with out loss in commuting time or other random stuff)

This recent change really annoyed me, I’m not blaming HH for daylight savings time (which is just stupid, savings time, not HH)

But sometimes I have 1 hour to play for a tournament on a good day when I’m home soon after work, but I also have moments I can’t play because I have other things to do.

In a tournament like this, the loss of 2 hours is a lot, maybe it’s my time zone, but I’d like to see this 1 hour change put back into it’s normal time slot, it would really help a big group of Europeans I think.

Or other timezones who can play just 1 more hour.

Sorry about the time loss but I think that this change was made to compensate for the people who cannot play for the last hour of the tournament. The extra hour gave massive advantages to those who could play, and many Americans, Canadians, and Southern Americans missed out on that last hour due to schooling or work (Because it resets at 11am-2pm for Americans).

Think you will find each timezone suffers in some way with the tournament (and events in general) timings.

For me I miss the first 5hours or so of tournaments which immediately puts me on the back foot and forced to chase. I also miss the last 5hours so I have no idea how far to push to ensure I place where I want to be by the close of the event.

But it is what it is.


Yeah, I feel ya man. I usually lose an entire PvP rotation to school, which can be 7mil+ points for me…

Ah, as the great Ghostly818 says, “It is what it is”.

Yeah understand, but this came almost at the same time as daylight savings time, which really is annoying (can’t wait until the EU removes this)

Count yourself lucky you have some time in the evening after work for pvp.

To me, end of pvp used to be 3pm, now 1pm. Both suck cause I’m at work and can’t really play.

I will basically send some teams on auto while at work and hope for the best not to change ranking bracket.

This is especially frustrating on draft pvp where your ranking is ordered by points and last win time

It’s only with a crappy connection in a train though, I lose way to much haha