Explanation about PVP Matchmaking Calculation Change

In the other thread “PVP power after the update” which was recently closed, Huggin clearly implied that there was a change to the way skills are taken into account by the matchmaking system so as not to punish players who invested in their skills.

To be clear, the issue is the mismatched numbers. I believe the higher value is the one our matchmaker takes into account. The goal of the change was to not punish players for investing in their skills. Progression shouldn’t be penalized. (note to moderator: this was taken from a public post in the other thread)

This was followed by a lot of “debate” about what exactly the change did. Some people mentioned that the new system is counting skills as maxed, but I know this to not be the case.

My Mandrake was not maxed. After reading that thread I entered a PVP match and in the character select screen he showed something like 11,300 power. In the loading screen after hitting play his power jumped to around 11.600 power.

After the match ended I raised one of his skills by a few points. I played another match and his power in both the select screen AND the loading screen went UP. So obviously it was not counting his skills as maxed before. Unless it was actually using another figure that is not displayed to us all.

This is a very important topic that obviously many players are passionate about, since it directly affects “fairness” in PVP. If such a change was made, it should have been mentioned in the update notes. It’s already too late for that but as they say, better late than never.

So can we please get some detailed and clear explanation about this change?

Thank you.


Well, maybe they dont count as maxed, but they count at least as X level (50, 60, etc). So, having them at lv 1 punishes you, having them maxed rewards you (since they stop weighting after X level).

When I said they count as maxed I was just wild guessing, because my maxed heroes dont have cause this bug, while my underleveled heroes do, but didn’t spend a lot of time testing.

But I agree with you. An official post from the devs about this stealth change would be ideal, and stating these kind of things on future patch notes would avoid a lot of frustration and problems from people thinking it’s a bug.

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The interesting thing here, that I agree with, is people shouldn’t be punished for progression and leveling skills…BUT…this now penalizes people who don’t have the bucks to level all their skills.

Let me make up numbers to illustrate:

So, my 10K power Mandrake who doesn’t have maxed skills counts as 11k for matching. Your Mandrake with all maxed skills counts as 11k as well. Your Mandrake is obviously way stronger than mine…

So if you don’t want to punish progression you punish people (which is most people) who don’t have the bucks to level every skill. Already bucks are scarce to due to level cap increases, all of us getting 8 or 9 or 10 star evolves to pay for, and gear crafting costs.

If PVP matching will count skills as maxed or near-maxed (and don’t get me wrong I like the idea in general), then the devs should make bucks way more available, or reduce the costs of evolves and skill ups to make a more level playing field…

I’m VIP 10, so I gauntlet 2x a day and I’m still out of bucks…

Yeh, even if I used ALL my bucks solely for leveling skills, maxing the skills of 50 heroes would take a lot of time.

I get that punishing our main teams for not having maxed skills is good, but whats the point of having 150 PvP lives if…75 are going to be useless because I don’t have the money to level up my 3* bronze Steele?

But maybe this mechanic only activates after reaching X power, so thats why I would love to hear a dev’s explanation on how this new matchmaking works

And definitively more clarity on patch notes the next time, because all of us thought at first this was a bug

Frankly I don’t care what HHG does in terms of how skill points are calculated. I just want to know specifically how they are calculated.

Pretty much all my heroes have maxed skills. There are a few, like my Mandrake, who are at like 50/65 on a few, not 1,1,21. I don’t think they stop weighing after X level unless X is pretty high. Even adding a skill point to go from 60 to 61 increases your power in the current system

My guess is that skill points still contribute to your power, but they contribute a smaller amount than they did before. So maxing your skills doesn’t add as much power as it did before.

Would absolutely love a confirmation and details on this. Hello HHG?

From what I saw before update and after update is that if you use ABCDE heroes you face a particular bot that is strong against your team. If you use ABCDF heroes same power as before than you will face another bot and it’s also strong against your team. Before the update any heroes you used made you to face same bot for some time. Looks like now they have some statistics of what player’s clone will you face.
Same time facing players is as usual as before, no matter which heroes are you using.

Almost all my skills were maxed, and even if I maxed them this is just insane…

This has nothing to do with skill power anymore

And look at this…this is fair how? Check stars and gear levels…I have 1 9-star, 1 8-star and 3 7-star, all gold, he has 1 9-star, 3 8-stars, 1 7-star and 2 of his heroes are plat…wtf??? This was like a 6v5 match effectively…

Unbalanced teams are also punished. A 10k Caine with a 6.4k Gale usually leads to stronger teams. But this is insane. Even more when Gale’s power is already low by itself.

Well, most of your skills are lv 20-30, and again, your Flatline and Gammond’s power are too different.

But yeah, I agree with both of you, that a small punishment for unbalanced teams or not maxed skills is good, since it prevents abusing matchmaking (like those 8* 1/1/60 Clyde with 4 green/bronze heroes I used to see), but a 7k power difference is taking it too far, in my opinion


How is my team unbalanced?

Nightingale can’t have more power at her star and she’s 8*…

I know I won but just to show you this weird match ups

Im talking about numbers, Kraterios. There is a 4k power difference between your lowest and your highest.

I know Nightingale and Sentry have the lowest power in the game, but I dont think the matchmaking system takes into account that Nightingale has already a low power, even when maxed.

And I’m not blaming you at all for this. If they created Nightingale to have the lowest power of all heroes, they shouldnt punish you for it.

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