Can a developer respond to this matching post please?

So, please do me (and hopefully everyone else on these boards) a huge favor and please explain how I am matched with these players? Is it because I still don’t have quite enough bucks to max all skills? Is it because of the discrepancy between my highest power hero and my lowest? Some formula that takes both of those into account? Please enlighten us!!!

As a side note, I think whatever system you use, why not just pat a hard cap per cent differential that just can’t happen, such as…you can never be matched with someone who has more than 5% (maybe even as high as 10%) greater team power than you. This would mean you’re never terribly overmatched on power alone…

Anyway, please see these examples below and please explain, as in both cases I am matched with almost a 20% difference, which is huge, thanks!


It´s a mix out of both. Your lowest hero has just half the power of your highest and in casr two you have a silver +1 mixed with a Platinum. Adding the not maxed out skills, it seems quite right.

The reason there is no cap is, that some people as you want to take advanatge of maxed out heroes, by combining them with lower ones, to get weaker opponents, which are easy to kill for the maxed out.

Most of us already know its a mix of both. But he (and me, honestly) want to knowwhat is the exact answer from a developer.

Why leveling my skill from 1 to 2 doesn’t increase my matchmaking strength, but from 66 to 67 does? It makes no sense, and I think most of us want to understand. And the most important thing… why was such an important change made stealthily, without a single reference on patch notes?

I dislike stealth changes, because that means we can’t trust developers. And players have to be able to trust developers to spend money in the game without being afraid, or they could stop spending money.

There was a bug with displaying your power calculation so you were seeing numbers which did not accurately reflect your team power. I just saw that a potential solution was submit by a developer. It will be hopefully resolved soon.

This was a result in our on-going efforts to create a better matchmaking system for our PvP game mode.


For me it’s more about a party abusing the matchmaking by having ONE high level hero and the rest being Low power.

Like this case where the opponent has 8* gold dogface and the rest bronze and lower power heroes. And basically abusing the system to gain scores. In which case, such opponents should be matched with a team 1.5 to 2X more power so as to not allow such abuse.

His Dogface is completely a copy of my Dogface: 8*, Gold +2, same power my the digit! Woah!

Aside from the bug that Huginn referenced, I’d also say that you are potentially being hit by both supposed matchmaking abuse deterrents. Tongzhe has all his heroes pretty close in power while you’ve got a pretty big gap between your high and lower power options. I don’t know if the Devs have come right out and said that you get matched up against tougher opponents if you are sandbagging but I’ve seen enough instances of that happening that I gotta believe it’s part of the equation, at least sometimes. Maybe not when you are looking at just one lower power hero in a group of high power vs one high power with all the others being low end though…

It has been mentioned that matchmaking has been tweaked so that skill level differences are weighted differently. I don’t know if that means they aren’t considered at all for PvP, if they are all assessed at one static level if the skill is simply unlocked, or it the weight attributed to point levels has just been greatly reduced (be great to get a little clarity on this!). Your’re opponent has maxed skills across the board for every hero while you’ve definitely done some degree of min/maxing. Both of you have 10* plat mandrakes but because he’s all 68s for skills and you are going 30/10/55/41, he’s got 1,500 more power. If matchmaking doesn’t use that difference as part of the algorithm, I’d say that the vast majority of the power gap is due to skills.

Really though, what’s the actual effect of that power difference? Without putting too much weight on the fact that you won handily, I’d say this power difference (whatever it actually is without the power display bug) doesn’t have that big of an outcome because it’s mostly attributed to increased power levels in what everyone knows are fairly “useless” PvP skills. Drake’s tomahawk stuns the same length of time but his does 10k more damage (a pittance)? He does 30k more damage for one shot when coming out of relocation (skill that almost nobody uses for damage purposes)? At best, it’s a very slight advantage for the person that maxes out all skills, as it should be. This is far, far, far better than to reward min/max players with grossly overmatched opponents under the previous system.

You are lucky that its only 8240/51650 or 16%

Look at this matchup. 32% (3k / 9.5k). And this is not even the worse one.

I frequented this forum this month for better understanding of PVP. I wish they made a note about the change. I thought they penalize for not maxing our skill and unbalanced team but sometimes, I got far more high power team with unbalanced team. I haven’t played much this June. What I do now - I login and upgrade skills and logout. I will play again when I know what I am dealing with.

I am quite new to the game, and suffer from similar situations more and more often.

To avoid getting abused, I confess that I started to do the same. And it sadly worked.


this is quite the rubbish matchup …

@Cool_hand, was this a bad matchup for was your power not matching in the Loadout screen?

@ Huginn, its clearly a mismatch. Both in terms of team power and also hero where he had full gold heroes vs mine. I understand it’s tough maintaining a balance, but this matchup should not even occurred.

@Cool_hand @Huginn, I also uploaded some matches on my post of PvP missmatches there seems to be a weird new calculation in matches that gives a person a big power advantage, right now I fought a 6k power difference matchup again


I wanted to weigh in on this.

We’ve had plenty of reports from players regarding matchmaking abuses in the past - particularly min-maxxed skill points and stacked teams that are carried by a single powerful hero. Matchmaking issues are quite tricky to address, especially since we don’t want to punish players who aren’t doing these things on purpose.

There is a lot that goes into making a match “fair”. Individual Hero Power is currently calculated based on:

  • Level
  • Grade
  • Stars
  • Skill Levels

The base value of individual skills is difficult to measure accurately in a non-arbitrary manner. On top of that, there is also a layer of team composition and elements that are not easy to quantify, as well as the actual moment-to-moment skill of the player.

The primary goal of the last matchmaking adjustment is to alleviate the frustrations of players who felt that they are being punished for investing in Skill Points. There is no way to revoke skill points once spent, and the fact that players feel punished for “playing the game correctly” with no way out didn’t sit right with us. We opted to change the way skills are calculated by the matchmaker to address this. Other potential solutions involve much bigger changes to the game that we have to consider carefully before implementation.

If you are negatively affected by the changes, for now I’d recommend:

  • Investing in skills
  • Entering PvP with a more balanced team

Do note that we are constantly making refinements to our matchmaker - feedback from players is always welcome and necessary for us to make things better for everyone. We may not always reply but that doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention to the issues that are occurring in the game or posted in the forums. Changes take time: there are a lot of elements in the game to balance, and there is always the risk of unintended consequences and bugs that are introduced with changes to our server code. Things aren’t perfect as they are right now, but we do appreciate your patience and feedback on our way there.



While I welcome this change on skill calculation (I even suggested this very change last month, if I recall correctly), it introduced a new problem, in my opinion.

When I hit 65 I leveled pretty much all my heroes, but obviously I don’t have money to level up every single skill in the game.

When I play with a team of 5 silvers, system thinks I’m trying to abuse matchmaking, and I’m matched against full gold teams or teams with more stars.

Out of my 51 heroes, I can’t use half of them because skills are too expensive, but I already have them with high level. So now I have exactly the same problem this change tried to solve . I’m being punished for leveling my whole team instead of the few heroes whose skills I can afford.

Any chances we see a buck income increase, this abuse deterrent activating below a certain power threshold or any other change?

Having around 80 useless PvP lives out of 150 kinda defeats the purpose of collecting heroes


This! This is really important.
I used to play another game earlier and the main problem with that game is that you will “ALWAYS” use the same three heroes (out of 150+) because they’re your best ones; the gang that all calculations are based on in matchmaking. Another problem with “that” game is their meta which makes EVERYONE use the same three heroes. All the time.

@Elu, usually I PVP with a balance team. Having said, in my first post, of the 8star Dogfsce, it was a clear abuse of the system. Where he should have been matched with a much higher team power to penalise his abuse. On my second post, I am baffled on how I am being penalised for putting up a balanced team.

It’s not easy doing the balancing, I do understand that. But of late balancing is abit off, just my feel.

IMG_2538same situation as the OP Dogface. Which in this case am matchup with against and Op mandrake. Where I am put in the disadvantage if having a more balanced team. And getting penalised for going up against a higher power team … which clearly should be the other way round right ?

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I’m still facing absurd power difference in teams, I really don’t understand how it’s calculated.