Exploiting team level

Extremely tired of people number crunching and exploiting team level by overevolving (which doesn’t alter individual power much until you gold) but underlevelling characters.

This happens even when its just Free Play and theres no event on. I have numerous screen shots of people doing this which is UNBEATABLE using conventional teams of that power level.

Pvp needs a redesign. Perhaps similar to dungeon boss where you Pick your pvp opponent, with one “easy” one medium and one “hard” with victory rewards varying based on who you pick.

First ftopic here so am unsure if i can post screenshots here, sorry.


I don’t think that type of system would work, since it is a live event and not you vs all AI (unless you are playing a bot of course.) That would just make it even tougher for people at low levels.

Also, if I’m reading it correctly, your saying players are increasing the star level of heroes past there starting level but not leveling them? So like say a 6* dog that’s level 20 or something while the player level is 60? If that’s so, I’d love to see screenshots cause I’ve had matchups with people who have higher overall stars then my team that I sweep without losing a life.

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What does overevloving mean? Like high star levels? But that’s spending farmed frags right?

Im familiar with the underevolving scum approach that I detest so much since it punishes us normal climbers and progression. I don’t understand the issue in this set-up. I have a bunch of silver toons that I don’t push for gold since it means I have to transfer resources.

Yea PvP is about ruined

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Until this is fixed i play my 3 pvp missions on Auto to get my matador frags and that’s about it…not worth trying to make a team when i get stacked against people min/maxing heroes