PvP unfair system

So I think everyone one know it but I wanted to talk about it again.
PvP system it’s so unfair. I am playing on Challenger section ( 42-59 level ) with 20000 power, game match me with teams level 62 or higher with 26000-29000 team’s. How can I win that?
Playing PvP It’s basically losing so I hope developer’s fix it as soon as possible. Thanks.

@Ahora, you are not the first to feedback on this. It has been feedback on multiple threads. And the devs are aware of the matter, that said, this would likely happen if you are running an OP hero in the team.

What you mean by OP hero, I don’t know what it means :expressionless:

OP stands for OPerator :smiley:

(Not really. It stands for OverPowered, and he means that using a strong hero, like a 8* plat dogface, with weak heroes, 4/5* bronze/silver matches you against people with more power than your team, to avoid PvP abusing)

Thanks :grin:
But I’m not using any 8* hero.
This is my team:
dogface 6* gold, fortress 6* gold, Mandrake 6* gold, moss 5* gold, hardscope 5* gold.

Overall 22000 power, game didn’t match with anyone less than 26000 power :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

Skills also play a factor on the power calculation, could you post a screenshot please, will make it easier to help, could also be really bad luck

When game saying you are on Challenger section (level 42-59), my opponents are must be on my section not higher.

This is awful, so I am not allowed to upgrade my hero’s on my level, I am not allowed to make my team powerful because the game developer’s are so weak that they can’t fix the matchup problem. Sorry but this is BULLSHIT.

Why are you not allowed to upgrade your heroes?

I am allowed but if I upgrade my hero’s and their skills, the game match me with teams that they are way stronger than me. I guess this is what @kraterios saying .

We all agree, that the matchmaking system needs changes. But there already is a thread. So if you have thought on it, you should post it there.

That only works for ranking. It would be unfair to compete (score-wise) with people who can score around 120k per match (without event heroes), since you couldn’t possibly make those numbers.

But when it comes to strength, a level 70 can have a weaker team than yours (my lowest team has around 15k power, only), so it could be fair if I fought a level 50 player. So those brackets are not applied there