Extra-life Heim skin causing desync

Trying to claim it causes a desync, guess we have to wait :man_shrugging:

Skathi says to wait for the Thanksgiving Update (See below)

I tried contacting support but it’s not letting me attach photos. Before it would let you upload it and click add attachment at the top. Now the option is gone and I have to close the game and

reopen it. @Muninn

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We sent a little too early! Once the update is out (which is coming this week) you’ll be able to claim it successfully.


Ok sounds good. What about the not able to send photo part though. I don’t have the option If you click my photo I uploaded

That’s on helpshift, our support middleware. When they put out an update that plays nice with newer OS’s, then we’ll implement it.


I never got an email for it & I’ve donated.

We pulled the message - will re-send once the update is out.

the update is out on android, but i didnt get the heimlock skin. still working on that?

It will be re-sent to everyone once the update is available on all platforms.

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Got my iPhone updated as well

Wheres the skin at???

Did the update and havent gotten the new skin.

Same here, had the message before the update, couldn’t get the skin, after the update message to claim the skin was gone, please resend
Alliance (R4WAR)

Did y’all not read this before posting? ^^^^^^
@Dmon080183 @Nominoe @Immortalloon

We have eyes for something we call reading

Thank you for the new skin for Heim… love it :smiley:

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I still dont have the hemi skin and i see alot have it why???

If we couldn’t locate your account, we sent out an email asking for extra info, so check there first! If not, please send us an email with your donation information to community@hotheadgames.com and we can investigate.

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Thanks i found the email and sent my in game name and my alliance said thats all they needed that they seen my donation just not my game name