Extreme 1-8

I have tried multiple times, unsuccessfully, to survive. What is the magical team to use now?

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Did you succeed with this team since Chester was added?

Probably not…chester kill eletrics with 3 shoots

This team was used the day extreme district 1 was released

I have a video. everything’s there. (1-1) - (1-10) and (2-1) - (2-10)




yes that’s good but now this we can no longer do with the reduction of mandrak

Right… no longer work… they made a patch shooting… actually shoot u with a marker…lol

I was lucky to be able to simply pass it with mandrak but there are still full teams that work

I need help with 1-2 lol

District 1 Extreme 3* Completed. For 1-8 and 1-9 make sure to get the snipers first and control the first hero in the line up.


Really? Hard time heckler? Honestly would not have thought he’d work for this. Good to know.

he doesn’t now, I’m certain; before they added chester, perhaps

Try Françoise mandrake for 1.2…

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Mine are too weak :confused:

Yes I struggled on that too, until I finally beat it with Francoise & Mandrake. Pilot Francoise manually, not drake.

I am also stuck on 1-8 extreme.

1-8 need a nerf! Too many high level enemies.