Halp Extreme Mode Walkthroughs

But yea, anyone want to set up some tips because GODDAM


You want minimum teams of 4 bar 10* or higher. If you don’t have that then don’t waste your energy. A lot of people are using Duran, Alvarez, Commando and 4-cep. They are all bio so energy heroes at max is what you want

Welcome to fight club.

It’s definitely not easy bro


The two hero ones are killing me, my DPS keeps getting melted

The 2 hero ones are easy with a 9* 1 bar Franc and 10* 3 bar Drake. I’m out of stamina but so far it’s challenging but not too much. I’m sure it gets harder.

That was clutch forgot francs bonus from being outnumberd

For reference I used franc as dps and one damage mitigator such as butter, phalanx, or Alvarez as second

beat the next few with phalanx, butter, mandarke, duran suporting my heckler as dps (For the ministuns)

got past 1-8 switching franc for heckler and spamming heals from duran (2 star) … need butter to survive
–> got 3 star in 1-9 and 1-10 with same team

panzer would help, as she getd a boost for being outnumbered

Panzer would die instantly, and 10* Franc 2plat + 10* Mandrake 3bar cannot even do this, it’s absolutely insane… at least they could have removed the limit for heros from the first two… it’s like getting slappen with the Empire State Building… it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Is extreme even possible to complete without max plat characters. I tried it multiple times and couldn’t even get past the first one

Don’t bother trying unless you have at least 10* platinum+4 heroes as you may be able to beat a few sectors in district 1 but you really won’t get far

im stuck in 4_2 :sob::sob::sob::sob: