New extreme mode

I know it’s supposed to be hard but, I have some maxed out heroes that are an insane combo on the 2 first missions and I just can’t get past the second one, I even tried a maxed out min but they just shred though the hologram and me, consider a sliiiiiight change


If you could beat it all on day 1, what would be the point? It’s also called “EXTREME” for a reason lol


Also, just look at discord, there are plenty of pictures of what hero’s to use.

You have a point but I’m just a hasty guy

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4-cep, matador, Duran, flatline, and mandrake. 3* all of the mission with those and on 1-1, and 1-2. 4cep and Duran work. Control 4cep. Don’t let him use his skills just shoot

What kind of level they be?

Yeah I’m right there with you. I don’t even have a Plat +5 yet so I’m not even going to try extreme for a long while.

This is how I did and it’s not pretty:

Would be interested in seeing what other used.

Already started a thread