Extreme missions not giving point for alliance blitz?

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I was looking at my teammates score during this alliance victory blitz and I saw that most of us have such low points…

Then, I realised that extreme missions give 0 points for this event, so as some of us are doing a lot of extreme missions, grinding ruby stuff, we are not doing any points…

That’s very frustrating, last time we barely get to the last step, but as more and more people are doing extremes, we maybe will not reach the tier 2…

Why extreme missions not giving points? I can understand that the gap between alliances who farm extreme and those who can’t will be huge, but what about mid-tier alliances?

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This has been discussed before. It would make an unfair advantage for higher level alliances with higher people to gain more points in a gamemode that mostly top tier players can do

I didn’t look for other topics like this one, mea culpa!

I can understand that if you win more points, it will be easier for top tier player to farm it easily.

But let do some basic maths:

  • Easy mode (5 stamina) : 1 point
  • Hard mode (10 stamina) : 2 points
  • Extreme mode (20 stamina) : 0 point

To keep the ratio, it should be:

  • Easy mode (5 stamina) : 1 point
  • Hard mode (10 stamina) : 2 points
  • Extreme mode (20 stamina) : 4 points

As we keep the same points per stamina, it would be fair.
In my basic maths, I took exemples from district 1 to 3 in easy and hardmode : most players can do it.

Let’s go to mid-tier players, who have to farm the latest districts:

  • Easy mode (10 stamina) : 1 point
  • Hard mode (20 stamina) : 2 points
  • Extreme mode (20 stamina) : 0 point

With these quick maths done, doing extreme missions is punishing the alliance. And if you want to play as an alliance, you have to stop you progression during a few days…

So, what about extreme missions giving at least 1 point? How can higher level alliances/players can gain a lot of points this way? It’s the same amount of points, but you have to use twice (or even 4 times) more stamina than a newcomer. Or as a mid-tier alliance/player, it’s either twice or the same amount of stamina…

I’m not asking “why extreme missions don’t give 3786176 points”, I’m just asking “why extreme missions don’t give points at all”…

I made the search with the query “Extreme”, and I just found two topics about this subject.
First one was answered by another player then auto-closed.
Second one was answered by Munnin himself copy-pasting the first topic answer and then closing it, without further details.
I’m not convinced by the answer.
I agree that extreme misisons are late game content, but I still don’t understand why end game players can’t win points in an alliance event while they are progressing, making their rooster better?
And the second topic made it even more relevant: what about coop pvp? Everyone can play coop pvp, it’s not even an end-game gameplay! (that’s not the point of my topic, I know the boosting-like stuff, having a ruby player playing with a smaller one, easy grind)

So, if you have a link to the discussion you are refering to, I would love to read it :slight_smile:

The topics I found :
First one : https://hhforum.superchargemobile.app/t/victory-blitz-and-extreme-level/21061
Second one : https://hhforum.superchargemobile.app/t/update-to-alliance-victory-blitz/21084/2


Brilliant response…

I get how they’d want to level the playing field for newcomers who don’t have access to Extreme missions and I’m certain some players would just reset their stamina constantly on extreme if the points yield were much higher than other missions (although you could just do this by resetting co-op missions)

Personally I only want 1 point per mission, as it seems that progression in this event will hinder my current xp progress.

Hopefully for the next similar event this is taken into account!

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You’d think at the very least, it would get you 1 point under the “Win any Campaign mission” category. Their excuse that it is unfair does not hold water. Giving 1 point doesn’t disproportionately impact anyone at all. It gives the same amount of points as an easy win but costs twice as much. I let it die because once I got that excuse, I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. It makes no sense to force players and alliances to either stop building their players, which they need to to do for AW. Or to forgo an Alliance Event, which you’d think the devs would want to encourage participation in. I guess we’re stuck with what we have.


I like the idea of extreme missions give 1 point only for events… It still cost staminas more than normal missions…
But newer Alliances still can compete for total point accumulation trough normal missions…

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Victory blitz event mostly depends upon activity of alliance & not the power of alliance.

Coops give 20 points, higher alliances mostly have vip10+ players they will keep clicking on reset button to burn their reservoir of golds & keep earning high points in event.
If extreme has high victory points then, its an issue otherwise it’s fine

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