Extreme Mode Count as Normal Mission Accomplished?

Has anyone else noticed that when you quick win 10 x extreme campaign, it’s counted as a ‘Normal Win’ on the daily tracker. It would be nice if we can get more XP for completing 3 x extreme mission similar to how we get XP for completing 3 x hard mission.


Considering how difficult they are, they’re not counted on the daily missions because we don’t want players to feel they’re missing out on daily rewards if they can’t get to or complete Extreme. If we have a list of things to do, and you can’t do one of them, players will feel they’re being cheated out of rewards. It’s safer to just count them as normal missions to provide that option for Extreme players, and not make them a requirement for much of anything, to avoid a torrent of complaints.


I agree, would be very cool to see something extra for getting ruby gear

I have to agree on that point, but still it would be great

Who dares complain here?!?

Your explanation makes sense, but it would be a nice little reward for the few of us that’s spent a ton of stamina getting to Extreme.