Anyone try to play through hard or extreme mode?

Be honest does anyone even play through hard or extreme mode? I’m gonna be honest I dislike extreme mode it’s literally a waste of an addition to the campaign/PVE in this game due to the fact I believe making something harder does not make it more enjoyable. I’m more likely to play hard mode levels but only until I realize that playing on said mode literally wastes my stamina and bucks due to fact of me going through trial and error on missions and me literally spending bucks upgrading my heroes, I still enjoy hard mode but until I do not.

I play it all bc I need the rewards from each level, as well as getting 3 star bc why not?

once you are a high enough level, playing extreme will be essential to growth. more xp, certain parts for ruby heroes. to play missions, you need to use stamina regardless.

if you are struggling, maybe ask for help vs trial and error.

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Any methods on 13-1 hard, I might try to use helpful ideas from other players it just that I do not have enough bucks to upgrade any heroes that low leveled in my roster and do not want to spend actual money on this game

what does your roster look like? we can give you ideas who to use to make the fight easier

I have 123 heroes “almost all of them” the strongest being my most favorite Serial, I couldn’t get all of them in the picture lol

If you can replace moss with a plat Duran your should be pretty much set, he makes any hero effected by his plat op

Extreme in my opinion is one of the best additions. But it’s not made for everyone.
So, there are roadblocks that are awful, like 5-6, 7-4 and 7-10
Besides these the missions are a testament of your strategy and progression
But really, you NEED extreme for the items, XP and rewards. And once you are in need of them you will see that you can get through it easier, and you can experiment more. Then you’ll see the fun of it

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Yeah bud you’re not getting to the fun parts at this level yet. Wait until you get rubies to attempt to go higher than district 3

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