Faction/Hero Concept: Siko of the Olympians

Faction: The Olympians
A group from mysterious origins, the Olympians have watched over the hunters and heroes for many years and have recently opened their gates. These Olympians are beings with seemingly god-like power.

Hero Concept: Siko

An almost immortal being that uses the power of mushrooms and himself to boost his allies’ health while taking their damage to himself.

“Anyone can become strong, but not everyone can become powerful.”

Siko was born a weakling and had grown up in a terrible neighborhood in Olympus. One day, on the edge of starvation, Siko found a purple and orange mushroom which he quickly ate. The next day, he awoke and found he had strengthened unimaginably and had aged as well. Another power he found he had received from the mushroom was that he could cover his enemies in fungi and quickly turn them to his side. Using his new powers, he created an elite team called The Olympians and became the governing force of Olympus.


Bronze Skill: Fungal Shutdown
This hero throws a mushroom at the targeted enemy, stunning them for 3s(duration goes up .5 every 10 levels). If the enemy’s level was equal to or less than this hero’s current level, cause them to take x damage per second until they are not stunned.

Silver Skill: Olympian Power
This hero boosts all allied heroes stats by 10% (Percent goes up 1% every 5 levels). If any allied heroes were below x health, then this hero taunts the enemy team for 10 seconds and copies all positive effects on allied heroes to this hero. Any damage received during the taunt is reduced by 30%.

Gold Skill: Viral Mushrooms
Whenever an enemy is affected by [Fungal Shutdown], each second affected they have a 25% chance to copy their negative effects onto a random enemy allied hero. If any enemy spreads [Fungal Shutdown], all allied heroes recover x health.

Platinum Skill: Mushrooms for All
If any allied hero ever falls below x health, this hero gains a charge of [Fungus]. Each charge of [Fungus] speeds up this hero’s silver skill by 50% and gives this hero x attack damage per second. Only 4 charges of [Fungus] may be active at one time. Use of [Olympian Power] depletes all charges of [Fungus]. For each charge depleted of [Fungus], a random allied hero gains x health.

Ruby Skill: Support
A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains a x Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.


(By artstation.com on Pinterest)

Weapon: Mycelium Rod

(etsy.com on Pinterest)

Weapon Stats:
Damage: 4/5
Critical Chance: 3%
Damage to Cover: 2/5
Fire Rate: 1shot per second
Reload Time: 3 seconds
Ammo Capacity: 9

Character Stats:
Element: Spiritual
Health: 3/5
Armor: 1/5

Siko is one of the few Olympus heroes so I will make more in the upcoming days/weeks. Also all Olympus heroes collide with Critical Alerts about Olympus.


What a crazy cool and original concept! Never thought someone could work out a hero that orients around fungus. The abilities are also really original. I love that it has some form of complexity to it. Just my style!I read the Alert as well. And i’m definitely looking forward to future concepts from the Olympus :mushroom:

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