Hero Spotlight: Kunoichi

Icon_ElementMech Kunoichi



  • Kurtz Black Op assassin, and Odachi’s loyal apprentices. Not to be underestimated, each is a skilled fighter, and a master of subterfuge.

Primary Weapon – SMG & Kunais


Flurry Of Knives

Bronze Skill
This ability strikes the targeted enemy with a flurry of Kunais, dealing damage up to 3 times. If the targeted enemy is hit by all 3 Kunai, it stuns them for a period of time.


Full Offense

Silver Skill
This ability boosts offense but leaves Kunoichi vulnerable to attack. It improves Kunoichi’s weapon damage for a period of time but, Kunoichi receives bonus damage from incoming enemy attacks.



Gold Skill - Passive
Kunoichi’s attacks deal additional damage to rooted, stunned, and lifted enemies.

Eager Disciple

Platinum Skill - Passive
Each killing blow restores health per second for a period of time. If Odachi is present, he also recovers health.

Where can I get Kunoichi?

  • You will be able to obtain Kunoichi in our Easter Event

What do you think of Kunoichi?



Nice :slight_smile: , what the Easter event will be about ?

Can you explain synergy? Do they gain special effects working together or do they just go better teaming up?

Thank you

Possible heroes that work with in combination with this hero :slight_smile:

After testing this hero for a day , I can say that she is great and have a really good burst of dmg ! Really like her! Great job on this hero! :+1:t2:

Pd : galante need a buff this hero really make him look bad haha :joy:


This hero is great they do great damage and their health is not low also looks amazing

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Synergy is best described as other heroes that buff her in such a way to drastically improve her skills. For example, after weakening herself to allied fire with her silver skill, Butter may provide a team shield allowing Kunoichi to be protected in her weakened state, or her gold skill which does bonus damage to rooted, stunned or lifted heroes would best work with Surge, who incapacitates enemies.

I have a Gold Kunoichi.
I’m looking at her Platinum skill. Can someone define “each killing blow”?

Each time Kunoichi kills someone?
Each time your team kills someone?
Each time anyone from any team is killed?

I’m suspecting the first alternative but the wording differs from similar skills such as Odachi’s Gold:
“Each time this hero kills an enemy”.

It is when kunoichi gets the killing blow.