New Hero: Prion

As a science undergrad, I am currently taking a variety of classes that cover topics involving immunology, virology, microbiology, and parasitology.

Thus, the inspiration for this hero:

Prion /ˈprē•än’/ (PREE-ON)
Origin of Affliction

Element: Bio-Chem
Gender: Female
Position: Mid-Line
Faction: Morlocks
Description: A parasitic termagant. Spreads contagion and exploits the physiological mechanisms and machinery of infected hosts.

Bronze Skill: Chain of Infection

  • Orally discharges a vile mixture of gastrointestinal excretions onto a targeted enemy, dealing xxxx damage, and leaving them Infected for 8 seconds.
  • While Infected, the enemy’s armor and weapon damage are reduced by 40%.

Silver Skill: Immunosuppression

  • Leaps onto the target and gouges them with her claws, dealing xxxx damage and Stunning the targeted enemy for 2.5 seconds.
  • If the enemy is Infected, the duration of the Stun is doubled.

Gold Skill: Parasitism

  • Prion appropriates all positive status effects from Infected enemies onto herself.

Scenario: Prion is facing against an enemy team with DogFace, Gammond, and Mandrake. Prion Infects DogFace with her Bronze Skill, which reduces his armor and weapon damage, making him less of a threat.
DogFace then goes below 50% health, which would normally cause him to gain Invisibility due to Mandrake’s gold, however, Prion’s Gold Skill exploits the Infected enemies’ status effects, and rather than DogFace becoming Invisible, Prion becomes Invisible instead AND gains the health effect of Mandrake’s gold.
Furthermore, Gammond’s heal is also exploited while DogFace is Infected, meaning all the heals onto DogFace would be redirected onto Prion for the duration of DogFace’s Infection.

Sounds like a great meta-counter.

Platinum Skill: Virulence

  • Each time an enemy becomes Infected, this hero’s weapon damage improves by 15% for the duration of the match.
  • If an enemy is killed while Infected, all allied heroes gain xxxx health.

After reading, please choose one of the following options that best describes how you feel about this idea, thank you!

  • Love the idea! I want to see her added to the game ASAP!
  • I like the idea, but she could use some work…
  • I don’t like it. I would not want to see this hero added to the game!
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