Faction on hero’s page

It would be nice to have each hero’s faction displayed on the main hero’s page without having to search the information page. It would be very helpful for those with bad memories or for people like me whos memory banks are full.


Agreed. It could go right under their name, or somewhere similar.

Look before posting haha, this is a link

They already said somewhere (I don’t really remember the exact post, but you can use the search function if you are interested) that they know the community wants it and they are working on it. Until they add it ingame there is this post where you can search said info

I would just shade their name or put the color of their faction in a banner with white font.

Maybe I missed something, but he is talking about a filter to sort heros and I am talking about seeing the faction in the main view maybe under the power and elements symbol
I did a quick search, but did t see anything about it, or maybe I missed something.

Both elemental, role and faction were named.

The topic was about a request to filter hero’s, it’s not in the game yet, sorry maybe I wasn’t clear on that one haha

Stay tuned for the next update!


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