Faction? Does it matter?

Hello, I’m a Noob so this is most likely a noob question but… Does Faction have any affect on game play? Thank you.

In some events you can only play characters from certain factions. Otherwise, doesn’t matter. It’s a new thing, I think. Maybe they’ll expand the faction system further in coming updates.

Faction was introduced this last patch, so its still in the work. But apparently, we are going to get a “featured faction” each month, with events around them (heroes from said faction get buffed or you can only play them).

Faction may do something else in the future (maybe some skills that buff heroes from X faction, or do more damage vs a certain faction, etc), but at the moment is just for events

Who do you think are most likely to be good friends:
Two random characters from the same faction
Two random characters sharing the same element?

Sometimes I have to double check to make sure @GTSaiko is not one us devs! What he said was pretty much on point.

Each update, the faction of the newest Hero will be bonused in various events so its worth spending some time upgrading those Heroes if you want to get the most out of those events.

He’s also right in that factions may contribute to other aspects of the game in the future but we’re not there yet. First in our list is building out better UI support for inspecting / viewing information about factions.

If you guys have other ideas for where factions can impact the game, feel free to share them!

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Ok, thank you everybody for the prompt responses. I kind of figured that large bonuses would be applied between characters of the same faction, lesser bonuses for allied factions, neutral for neutral, lesser penalties for opposing factions and larger penalties for enemy factions. Applied to both members on your own team and when fighting teams in PVE &PVP.