Factions We'd Like To Get An Update (Soon)

There are some factions that I’d really like to see get some love.
Feel free to tag your own “letter to Santa” to Hothead onto this topic!

Rangers: I’d like to see the smaller factions grow. Since they’re so small, they could be backed by the two Mercenaries (the way that the UAF backed the UAF Airborne in the Panzer release event a few months back). There could potentially be a new Merc hero as well as a new Ranger; or not! Or flip it the other way and make a Mercs-backed-by-Rangers event.

KLG (vanilla): Sooner or later, Kurtz is coming. We all know that. To pave the way, it would be fun to introduce a leading lieutenant, bodyguard, problemshooter, or other character with a direct relationship to the dictator. Start giving Kurtz dimension and depth by showing us pieces of his inner circle!

People’s Guard: Who are these peoples? What are they doing? They sound cool, but so far they haven’t put their best foot forward—no top-tier dps, burst damage, healing, or support heroes. Maybe the bouncer sensei is a top-tier spoiler, but spoilers are not a strong strat. Have we just not learned their potential? Would an event change that?

Shoremen: Because Keel and Moss are awesome and I’d love to rock a couple Bounty events with them.

Morlocks: Because watching Pandogzer and other Mech bounties getting murdered in the face by Maven just doesn’t get old. Let’s do that again.

Mercenaries: see Necros.

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