New Faction

I think a new spice for the game if there would be another faction. What do you think?

I believe it’s time for the Church of Godlante to make an entrance.


I think we need folks that walk the grey line. The kind that would do stuff for hire. Outlaws perhaps

Like the Mercenaries?


We already have a faction just like that. Mercenaries

I don’t think we need more factions, just more tangible functionality to the current ones. Some reason for using particular factions or a bonus or reward for getting a whole faction of characters…or some further application within the storyline? We sort of have this, each district gets a faction, and the factions do have a place in the story. The factions do get bonuses every month depending on the hero release, etc. but it would be incredible to see an expansion to this.

Maybe a faction (”Harvest Society”, “Collective Union”, “Foragers”, etc.) that focuses on mining and harvesting natural resources; like an industry-based faction that’s established around the outskirts of the city?

They could also be more temperamental towards the UAF since the government failed to prevent Kurtz from rising up.

When I said new faction, I really meant NEW. Hahaha. Setting aside the existing pool of factions. Not just the mercenaries nor the PG, Patriots, or whatsoever.

I think it would be interesting to have a faction name “Collab”. It would be a faction with hero of other games/manga/anim/movies. They would be not a part of the story, more like special characters. Imagine playing sangoku or gunnm😆

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