Fair match

In a duel, we have the option to fix the power of our teams to make the match fair. So many of us have complained that we don’t like the matchmaking in PvP that it almost makes sense to add a second PvP mode, fair match, in which:

  • matchmaking is based on team level and/or total power only.
  • all stars, bars, and hero levels are raised to the highest of any hero involved in the match.
  • all skills are maxed.

Hearts and rewards would be something to work out; if you have an idea, let’s hear it.


I like the spirit of this. Call it a "gold tournament " and all your characters become 2 bar gold, you just have to own them. More of a skill match then a “who has the most beefed characters” match. Bringing up chrarcters to the highest level present might be a bit too chaotic, and (as I’m finding out in another thread) power players don’t like the idea of their heros being brought down to the lowest when they put so much energy into building, so just a base middle would be a good healthy sidebar.

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