PVP event ideas

I enjoyed pvp more at lower levels. Most of the heroes are more balanced against each other at Silver and Bronze. I’d like see some events that are color or star capped. All silver, 5 stars cap, gold 7 star cap, bronze 5 star, etc. I think it would also be entertaining to have a tournament where maybe you select only one hero or maybe no heroes and the rest of the team is randomly populated; a random hero pvp tournament.

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Personally, I would like to see it in a duel style format, where we can choose how powerful the heroes are, and every hero has the same stats. It would allow us to experiment with teams, and have a lot of variety. Want to play all bronze? Go right ahead. Be as powerful as you can with everyone at plat? Do it. The devs would have to incorporate a different point system so that you aren’t punished for playing at your preferred power, but I would like to see a short PvP event like this

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Here’s an idea I suggested a couple weeks ago, lemme know what you think.

@poobgloob. Yeah. I like it. Anything to change it up and keep it fresh. As it is now, every fight at gold/platinum is: Gee, didn’t I already fight this exact team the last 30 battles? That was the beauty of low level pvp; there were no game changers. Each character was much more balanced and as a result, heroes that are never used in pvp at high level were equally viable to the alpha class pvp heroes we only see now. I’d even be happy with an option to limit my own teams before pvp, i.e. silver 0-3 lvl 40 bracket. Or like you said, the tournament automatically balances power level so that there is no power variation between teams.

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