My take on a potential fix for PvP matchmaking

Since PvP matchmaking is obviously a pretty hot topic right now, I’ve been thinking about how it could be improved and I came up with something that I think would help quite a bit.

The problem right now is that people can bring a platinum 10* dogface and 4 weak bronzes (or similar situation) and plow through people because their matchmaking power is so low. Their 1-2 high power heroes have no problem taking out a balanced team.

The inverse situation also happens. Someone brings 4 high power heroes and one terrible hero to shift the overall matchmaking power down almost 20%.

So instead of giving each hero a matchmaking power score and then adding them all together, aggregate them on a weighted scale. My recommendation would be a 40-30-20-10-0 (%) scale. So the highest hero accounts for 40% of the matchmaking score and the lowest contributes nothing to it. This addresses both scenarios of gaming the system and takes into account that the higher powered heroes are going to contribute much more to their team’s success.

[[[Math note: to keep the scale the same, we need to multiply those numbers by 5 so it works out to 200-150-100-50-0 instead of 40-30-20-10-0]]]

In the first scenario, let’s say we have the following two teams:

Team 1:
11k + 10k + 3k + 3k + 3k
Team 2:
6k + 6k + 6k + 6k + 6k

Both teams have 30k power, but it’s obvious to see which team wins. My solution would handle it like this:

Team 1:
11k(2.00) + 10k(1.50) + 3k(1.00) + 3k(0.50) + 3k(0.00)
Team 2:
6k(2.00) + 6k(1.50) + 6k(1.00) + 6k(0.50) + 6k(0.00)

Team 2 still has exactly 30k power, since it’s a perfectly balanced team. Team 1 however now has a total of 41.5k power. For reference, this team would now be matching up with a perfectly balanced team of five 8k power heroes (rounding here for concision).

I think this addresses the issue of imbalanced teams perfectly while keeping punishments extremely small for players that end up with slight imbalances due to resource scarcity by no fault of their own.

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Wow I like this idea, awsome

I have the feeling this is how it used to work (with different ratios, though), but now it just went crazy.

To illustrate my point a little better, I made a quick excel sheet that covers all four squad imbalance scenarios.

The center column in each box is the imbalanced team.
The left column is a balanced team that matches the power in the current system.
The right column is a balanced team that matches power in my proposed system.

I don’t know how they do this right now, but if you just take power and put this in an array list then sort the list in the power order you did then you get this result when picking hero’s. matches should be a little less broken

(I know skills need to be accounted to so that makes the calculation hard so this works nice in theory)

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