February 2019 Events Schedule

Okay, I re-read.

Here are links to the calendars in the last 7 months, taking into consideration only PvP tournaments:

August 9 events total, 0 overlap
September 7 events total, 0 overlap
October 9 events total, 0 overlap
November 6 events total, 0 overlap
December 9 events total, 0 overlap
January 10 events, 1 overlap
February 9 events, 2 overlaps

EDIT: 2 overlaps in February, not 3.

You are correct, this month has the highest number of overlapped PvP tournaments than any other month in the past 7 months, by 1.

Personally, I don’t mind, in fact I welcome PvP tournament overlap considering it gives us more PvP lives to use up, hence more PvP shards to buy hero frags with, and more tournament rewards.
I don’t see a problem with it if in the end its more beneficial to the player.

August, September, November, December, and February all had PvP events on at least one weekend in the month.
Although most do occur on weekdays, its not that uncommon for them to be held on weekends.