March 2019 Events Schedule

Looks like a new Hero is joining the hunt & there will be a Leprechaun Holiday Event soon! :wink: :four_leaf_clover:
PVP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance!
Brawl: Our short-term PvP Events

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other Information

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Calendar is subject to change

Changes & Updates:

  • Sentry & Anvil will be removed from the Daily Login Hero Reward (we’ll update which Hero will replace her soon!).
  • Kunoichi & Castellan will be removed from the PvP Store (we’ll update which Heroes will replace them soon!).
  • Maven will be removed from the Gauntlet Store (we’ll update which Heroes will replace them soon!).

:sob: ‍‍ ‍‍


Почему удолят куночи?(((( Ее же только добавили :(((

Drat, I needed Castellan. :confused: Oh well.

Непонятное последование героев идёт , логика отсутствует

sucks she will be remove Maven

My Heckler is going to have a lot of fun in this hunt.


RIP my Heronium farm. Now I only have the daily Fragments, Dogface Hardmode fragments, and Hardscope to rely on for Heronium. Probably won’t be that bad. Who’s she being replaced with?

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Think they are using my account to select who to remove from the store’s :pensive: Maven is in 11-1 Hard Campaign!


20 characters.

Will there be a new HERO BALANCE? Plz don’t remove MAVEN !!!

A question about this, are the heroes coming every 2 weeks on the 10th day? Because Sentry and Kuno are always on 2nd, 5th, 7th Day. Only the 10th day changes every now and then

I hope 2 new ones I have not yet on 10 *:wink:

I wonder what new Bio hero comes in there

Please be Cinder.
Please be Cinder.
Please be Cinder.
Please buy me pizza.
Please be Cinder.


should be heimlock
or some other crap hero

what is this meant to mean
u want us 2 buy u pizza

  1. Heimlock is not crap. He’s very good.
  2. I doubt they will put such a rare (initially 5*) hero in a fixed position in a store.They never done it before.

And yea, I’d like a pizza.

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actually i am also hoping to see razorback in a store as a permenant hero
also who said i said heimlock is crap

You did. :slight_smile: Just a few minutes ago.

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If one assumes that there are only 3 * heroes, I would like one of them:
Moss, Kaishi or Kobold

For me, there are only 2 options, either one of the heroes at 10 * or continue to Heronium

Does the new hero look like Kurtz or does not look like Kurtz?

Does not to me though the round headed silhouette might suggest some kind of baldy.

But Kurtz cannot seriously be The Watch??

Assuming the new hero is not Kurtz, what element is he/she going to be?