April 2019 Events Schedule! (Updated schedule!)

Hey Hunters, heres a preview of the April events calendar! A new Hero is joining the hunt & there will be a Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt soon!

Update: We made some changes to this months event schedule, check them out below!

PVP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance! [NOTE: This is a Mercenaries + Rangers Bounty Event!]
Brawl: Our short-term PvP Events

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other Information

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Calendar is subject to change

Changes & Updates:

  • Kunoichi & Min will be removed from the Daily Login Hero Reward and replaced with Sentry & Kobold
  • Steele & Halo & Keel will be removed from the PvP Store. Replacing them is Hardscope, Baron & Flatline
  • Hardscope will be removed from the Gauntlet Store and replaced with Matador.



Replacing Kobold so soon? I was thinking Hardscope would make more sense, since he’s being added to the PvP store, but eh, at least she’s goin to the dailys. Hivemind wasn’t in the PvP store too long either :frowning: but on the bright side, I think Matador will be a good Heronium game source in Gauntlet for a lot of people.
Lookin forward to the update

Wow, this month’s faction only has 2 members, Chester and Cross

There’s a new Mercenary! Did you see the post about her?

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Are we able to use magistrates and rangers for the bounty event? Or just the mercenaries?

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Please stop changing hero fragments so often. We work hard to get heroes up to ten star so that we can farm heronium. All that work is wasted when you then remove those heroes that we have work so hard to build up.


Is prophet switching factions??

Mercenaries & Rangers! :smiley:


I hope we are given more ways to start unlocking Prophet. :slight_smile:


Confirmed? :slight_smile: For bounty, it’s listed as mercenaries only though

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I have no issue with the update as presented, but what makes it one of the biggest? This seems pretty standard if this is it.

That’s 3 I guess… but given the coop frag limit, most of us probably have to start with the other 2 for this month’s bounty :frowning:

Where can we get Halo fragments then? Or are we just SOL?

So we can use Rangers in bounty right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks grizzly for the confirmation.

Are there going to be any hero changes? Any buffs or nerfs? I hoping CAST gets a buff :confused:

ahem WHomst the heck is this flower girl looking

Is there no bounty with RANGERS?

Am happy about the changes this month! And am also happy with longer notice left. Good job guys. Its getting healthy again

So does that mean it will be a month for both rangers and mercenaries?