December Events Schedule

Looks like a new Hero is joining the hunt soon :wink:
PVP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance!
Brawl: Our short-term PvP Events

Icon_Scavenger_Present1_UnfoundWinter Holiday Events:
Celebrate the festive season with our various limited time Icon_Holiday_Winter Winter Holiday Events!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other Information


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Calendar is subject to change

Changes & Updates made:

  • CastCast & FortressFortress will be removed from the PvP Store (we’ll update which Heroes will replace them soon!).
  • Icon_Scavenger_Present1_UnfoundPlease note that the Holiday Advent Calendar runs from December 1-31. We’re aware that an in-game inbox message released earlier today says it ends on the 25th.

Mandatory no not Fortess post.

Looking forward to the events.

Why did you change the layout? It was much clearer before.
Does the 11A behind the bounty events mean anything we should know?

Sad to see Fortress leave the alliance store too, decreases my heronium income again :weary:

  1. Spend 100,000 PVP gems on Fortress for Patriots month and future Heronium source
  2. HHG pulls it from the store during Patriots month


Since the update will probably be after the second patriots bounty, the patriots events will be over when they pull him.

When are the special raids happening? I don’t like the change in presentation…

I guess that’s how the game works. Stuff cycle around.

Prefer the calendar style. Can u re do it?

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Hope decent heroes go in the PvP store
Plx be the first 5-starred hero

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11A means 11AM Pacific Time

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I bet Ifrit and/or Panzer will be thrown in.

Why are you removing Cast and Fortress?! They are my farmables!

I think in place of fortress in comes halo and in place of cast in comes first . If this happens it would be a great sigh of relief…

@BombBella - Like others have said, I find the regular (old) style of calendar to present the information MUCH more clearly. Grouping events by type doesn’t make sense in the context of an event calendar. Grouping them visually by date is far more intuitive and concise.

Also could you confirm what exactly 11A means? The assumption that it’s 11:00am makes sense but I find “11A” a strange shorthand for time. Maybe it’s just the all-caps font that’s messing with me since the ‘a’ is generally lowercase when written that way.

As a follow-up to that, why the time change? Is it a way to allow events to fit into more people’s schedules?

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Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing all of your December Events Schedule feedback! :slight_smile: We’re currently trying some new styles to condense and make the Events easier to read. This was especially so for this month, as we have 4 unique Holiday Events which took up most of the calendar space. Know that I’m noting all of your thoughts for when I make future schedules.

  • @WalleWu The (11am) refers to the Event ending on the last day at 11am PST. I’ll make this more clear in the future!




PVP events changed to an 11 a.m. end time a while back; it seems like the idea was to put an end to the last one-hour reset and accompanying scramble for points and position—which is cool, the old way was kind of the opposite of the chill HH attitude towards events.

Why other events are now ending an hour early I do not know, but bounties are also starting an hour earlier so we’re getting 72 hours either way.

“First”? Who is this “first” of which you speak?

Summertime changed to winter time I think.?

Hey Hunters!

For those wondering why there’s a 1 hour shift in the start and end time for Events (or Events ending at 11am), the Hero Hunters Team works in Daylight Savings Time! :sweat_smile: This means the schedule timing will go back around March next year.

  • :bomb::bell:a

Hi devs, any chance we can have a preview of the Min related event ?

A few pointers or indication could help us build toward that event instead of reacting to it.

Thank you in advance

We’ll be releasing more info about Min’s Danger Simulator soon™!